Best TV Mount for Over Fireplace

Are you searching for the best TV mount for over fireplace to install your long-cherished flat-screen TV? Well, mounting TVs over the fireplace is becoming popular day by day. It, in fact, offers a zest of classic and trendy aesthetics to the place that looks mesmerizing and is an excellent way of utilizing the space. 

Mounting TV over fireplace demands your utter conscience. You need to know how to find studs in the wall and select the best TV mount specially designed for over fireplace placement. It offers convenience, different viewing angles, dependability, and sturdiness to ensure the appliance gets fixed accurately, and the heat of the fireplace cannot harm it.

But finding and choosing the best TV mount can be tricky, especially when the market is buzzing with a lot of different products. To help you make the best buying decision, we have come up with everything essential you need to know and a thorough list. Thus you can review them, get a comprehensive idea, and choose the best TV mount compatible with your needs and budget. 

Best TV Mount for Over Fireplace

Let’s go through the list of TV mounts we have summarized. 

1. MantelMount MM540 – Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount

If you are searching for a high-quality pull-down TV mount to fix your flat-screen TV over the fireplace, MantelMount MM540 can match all your desires and requirements. To avoid eye-strain, this specially engineered TV mount offers a pulldown facility. So now, you can bring the TV down to your eye level and enjoy your favorite shows without stressing your eyes!

You would love to get a perfect view of the TV screen from each part of the room. The incomparable craftsmanship of this excellent TV mount offers right/left swiveling. You can also make it inclined to about eight degrees downward, thirty-five degrees to the horizontal, and sixty degrees in a single direction. Isn’t it excellent to offer you a great home viewing experience? 

No more the infestation of the wire here and there! With MantelMount MM540, your fireplace space will look more neat and tidy! The top-notch gas piston and super-light alloy structure, and efficient counterbalance technology make this sturdy TV mount a perfect choice for over fireplace placement!


  • 90lb weight limit
  • Built-in soundbar
  • Heat sensing handlebars
  • Convenient positioning


  • Costly

2. Mounting Dream TV Mount

If you want the best TV mount for brick fireplace, Mounting Dream TV mount can be your preference. This high-quality full-motion TV mount offers a sturdy and flexible installation and ensures withholding up to 100lb weight. There is no more eye-strain and glaring while enjoying the weekends watching your favorite shows. Mounting TV Mount features 15-degree downward and 5-degree upward tilting that offers you an excellent viewing experience. 

Do you want a great viewing experience from anywhere in the room? Get this excellent TV mount that comes with the facility of a 45-degree swiveling and 3-degree rotation feature! Are you thinking about the complicated installation process of TV mounts? All you have to do is to connect the brackets, install the wall plate, fix the TV on it, and you are done with its installation! 

Mounting Dream TV Mount is sturdy, ensures your television is at the best viewing angle, and guess what? It will upgrade your aesthetics without breaking the bank!


  • Incorporates mounting hardware
  • Heavy duty
  • Effortless installation
  • Cost-effective


  • Not for drywall 

3. ECHOGEAR Advanced Tilt Wall Mount

Do you cherish upgrading your TV viewing experience to another level? No matter what brand you use, ECHOGEAR Advanced Tilt Wall Mount can ensure your appliance fits on this mount, and you get the best viewing experience. With ECHOGEAR’s specially engineered TV mount, you now have the facility of tilting from 15-degree to 86-degree. Besides tilting, it comes with 10-degree swiveling in the right and left, which means you can enjoy a strain-free, no glare seeing experience! 

Are you thinking about the accessibility to the cables? With the facility of a 5.8″ mount extension, wires have become more accessible with this hybrid TV mount. With the wide wall plate, adjusting screen placement has become effortless like never before!

ECHOGEAR Advanced Tilt Wall Mount is of premium quality, features sturdy construction, and is a perfect fit for almost all leading brands making it an excellent choice for placing your 40-85 inches TV above the chimney.


  • Easy installation
  • Hardware compatible with most brands
  • Maximum tilting
  • Sturdy construction


  • No pull-down facility
  • Heavy

4. MantelMount MM340 above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount

Another excellent swing down TV mount to place your flat-screen TV above the mantel is MantelMount MM340 TV Mount. It takes your viewing experience to another level with its left-right swiveling and vertical motion facility. With a weight limit from 20-90lb, MantelMount MM340 TV Mount ensures you are getting the best motion, protection, and convenience. 

This distinctly engineered TV mount comes with the feature to pull down the TV to 27 inches above the chimney for bringing it to eye level conveniently. Thus it ensures there is no eye-strain, headache, or inconvenience. Just adjust the TV screen, and you have the best and optimal eye leveling!

Besides the pulling down feature, MantelMount MM340 comes with cable management. So you do not have to bother with the wire accumulation any more! Its auto-stabilization, authorized auto-straightening, and adjusting stop feature makes this premium quality TV mount stand among the pack.


  • Auto-straightening
  • Auto-stabilization
  • Lightweight
  • Alloy construction


  • Manual control
  • Unsteady handles

5. InstallerParts37″ – 65″ Corner TV Mount

There is no more waiting for a superior quality corner TV mount. InstallerParts37″ – 65″ Corner TV Mount can be your ultimate choice for a quality corner mount to install your TV wherever you like, be it a fitness corner or an above fireplace space! Its universal compatibility makes it fit for any brand, no matter if your LCD or LED TV is from LG, Samsung, Sony, or Toshiba. It only needs to fall in the 37″-65″ screen size and 132lb weight limit, and you can rely on InstallerParts TV Mount. Its premium quality steel-made sturdy structure is scratch resistant and upgrades the decor of the space, getting blended with any aesthetic effortlessly. 

There is no more eye-straining and glaring from any reflective medium. With the 15-degree tilting and 30-degree swiveling feature, your TV viewing experience has never been so comfortable! You now own the facility to adjust the screen according to your convenience and preferred viewing angle.

InstallerParts37″ – 65″ Corner TV Mount is firm, offers premium features to upgrade your experience and comes within your budget to be a perfect over fireplace TV mount. 


  • Universal compatibility
  • Adjustable inclination
  • Durable construction
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Loose bolts

6. Monoprice Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount

Monoprice, one of the leading and most selling companies in the TV mount industries, offers a premium quality pull down TV mount for over fireplace placement that is ETL certified and can match your requirements successfully. It is super-sturdy, enduring, and offers safety to the expensive TV you are mounting on it. Monoproce Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount features spring-assisted mounts that ensure effortless pulling down of the TV for bringing it to your convenient eye level. Thus you can enjoy your long-cherished weekend watching TV with your family without stressing your neck! The mounts can also take the TV to its previous position. 

No matter if you have a large or medium-sized TV. Monoprice Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount can withstand large televisions of 55″-100″ up to 154lb. With its super-efficient tilting, rotating, and swiveling feature, you can now escape eye strain and glaring issues effectively. 

Monoprice TV Mount is feature-full, offers a full-range motion facility, and makes the fireplace space look elegant and trendy within your budget!


  • ETL certification
  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy structure 
  • Incorporates hardware


  • Difficult tension adjustment
  • No support for divider change

Buying Guide

Installing a TV over the fireplace doesn’t only offer an elegant look and boosts the aesthetic but also an excellent way of utilizing the space and getting a quality viewing experience. To ensure you choose the perfect TV mount, we are offering here a precise overview of the factors you should keep in mind while roaming around the market. 

Cost, Performance, and Quality

While searching for a TV mount for over fireplace placement, you will come across different products of various price ranges, quality, and performance. Before you spend your hard-earned money, examine the quality and performance of the TV mount. Consider if it features all the essential characteristics like eye-leveling, anti-glaring, etc. 

Capabilities and Mount Features

You are installing your long-cherished flat-screen TV on a TV mount. Hence, before buying a TV mount, you need to have a thorough idea about its features and capabilities. You should invest in one that offers you a wide range of features and capabilities to enhance your viewing experience. Go with a TV mount for over fireplace that features gas piston auto-stabilization, auto-straightening, effortless pulling down, automatic control system, heat sensors, full-range motion, etc. Spending on a TV mount that is compatible with all large brands is again another smart decision. 

Endurance and Strength 

You are making a long-term investment in a TV mount. You would obviously want it to serve you for long, right? So, give a thorough conscience to judge if the TV mount you are selecting would be strong enough to withstand the weight of the TV you are buying? Is it enduring enough? How long will it serve you? Flat-screen televisions are delicate. Hence go with a TV mount made with steel or alloy that features a sturdy and scratch-proof construction. Such a high enduring TV mount will continue serving you even when you change the TV. 

Cable Management System

Installing a TV over the chimney can be a great idea. But imagine how drastically the hanging TV wires can ruin the decor of your fireplace space? Again, if the cables lie here and there near the fireplace, it can even cause accidents. So, always spend on a TV mount that offers a top-notch cable management facility. It can help you keep the mantel area clean and make it look sophisticated and classy.

Easy Installation

No matter whether you are a tech expert or not, a premium quality TV mount that offers an effortless installation facility will let you fix the appliance on your own. Always go with a TV mount that is easy to use and install, even without any prior experience. A TV mount that features swivel, counterbalance, and auto-stabilizing comes with a convenient control system. Such a TV mount allows you to adjust the height and viewing angle effortlessly. 

Final Thought

The best TV mount for over fireplace can ensure your appliance is safe and offers an elegant appearance to the entire decor of the room. The comprehensive list we have gathered here would work as a milestone to help you choose the best product for meeting your requirements and upgrading your viewing experience without breaking your bank. 

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