Where to put cable box on wall mounted tv

You have just made an excellent purchase for your living room. A brand-new flat screen T.V that you have just welcomed in your home, with the stylish, sleek, and minimalistic design that is going to be placed on the wall for that extra clean look. But then you suddenly realize, where to put the cable box for your wall mounted T.V?

The Problem – Where to put cable box on wall mounted TV

A wall-mounted T.V is a treat to the eyes. Its minimalistic cable-free design and thin screen are the best addition to one’s living room, heightening the overall look.  But adding a T.V box can undoubtedly reduce that clean esthetic look, especially if the cables and wires are unorganized.

Sure, it is effortless to add a cable box with a stand T.V sitting on a table or shelf. Still, it is a different story with a wall-mounted T.V. But don’t worry, in this article, we will be covering some ways by which you can quickly put your T.V box with wall mounted T.V, in a way that looks very beautiful to one’s eye.

The Solutions:

So, there are many effective ways by which you can put your cable or satellite box and mask the T.V cables, so they don’t look as unpleasing as they are right now.

Solution 1: Shelves underneath the T.V

Well, this is not technically masking the T.V cable that comes out of your T.V box into your T.V, but it is relatively easy and straightforward to set up. And a beautifully designed shelf can absolutely add to the beauty and esthetics of your existing wall-mounted T.V. There are, however, many positives and negatives towards this idea.


  • This option has to be one of the more comfortable ones to consider since it can quickly be done by even a less experienced person in just under 1 hour if all the tools are present. And it also comes with the least amount of work required.
  • Direct remote communication is established as the T.V box is directly facing the remote front on, without any interference from the T.V or any other object being in the middle. Therefore, no additional universal controller is required to enhance the signals.
  • Easy to reboot/reset your box if you need to factory reset it manually since the T.V box is right there in front of you.


  • No matter how good the shelf is designed, there will always be a T.V cable going from the box to your T.V.  Some may find this irritating and troublesome. So, if you are someone who falls into that category, then keep on reading further for a solution to completely mask these cables.

Solution 2: Masking behind your T.V

Placing your cable or satellite box behind the T.V can be an effective solution of completely hiding the T.V cables. This also requires a minimal amount of work and can completely hide the unwanted wires, which may annoy some people and reduce the overall clean look of the T.V. Still, of course, with this solution, also comes some advantages and disadvantages.


  • A very minimalistic, cable-free look is achieved, perfect for those who want a cable-free environment.
  • Relatively easy to set up and install.


  • First of all, you need adequate space behind the T.V to place your T.V box effectively. Many bulkier T.V don’t offer sufficient enough space to put a cable or satellite box behind them.
  • Secondly, the remote might not work correctly. Since the box is placed behind your T.V. To counter this problem,  you may have to buy an infra-red extender or a universal controller to ensure that your device receives commands all the time, without any interruption.
  • Finally, rebooting the device manually may be problematic for some cable or satellite box. Depending upon where the device is placed behind the T.V, it may prove a problem to reach your device when you want to reboot it.

Solution 3: In a Cupboard or an Entertainment center.

This solution can also be an effective one if you have a cupboard or some other form of a drawer including furniture nearby. Most furniture has a pre-made hole already installed in them for the passage of wires. If not, then you need to make one yourself or may ask the help of a professional. If your furniture has small holes, then the power plug can be removed and re-added to the wire after passing it through the hole. But the HDMI T.V cable cannot be used that way, so the gap should at least allow the passage of the HDMI T.V cable from it.


  • Utilizing this method requires no additional work or construction. You can use the already placed cupboard or furniture in the room to put your T.V box.
  • It offers a spotless look as it is utilizing the already placed furniture. The T.V cable is the only thing that goes to the T.V while the power cable can be easily hidden. And if you are just about to set up the room, you can easily make an in-wall cable design or an on-wall cable runaway.


  • Unless they are made especially for this purpose, furniture does not have an adequate ventilation system. Of course, your T.V box needs sufficient ventilation to function adequately, or it may suffer permanent damage by overheating by constant usage.
  • Signal interference between the remote and T.V box can again be a problem here. Sometimes your box might not be able to transfer the signals to your remote and vice versa. Investing in an infrared receiver kit may be a viable solution here.
  • If the furniture doesn’t have an in-built hole in it, then you may require a professional’s help to make a hole large enough for your wires to pass through.

Solution 4: Placing the box in another room

Placing the T.V box in another room may also be an effective solution. But, it is highly dependent on the structure of your house and how the rooms are built around each other. But if possible, it can be a very efficient solution, especially if you have many different devices, each carrying their wires and T.V cables to the T.V.


  • It works great and looks esthetically pleasing, especially when you have many other devices to connect to your T.V.
  • No other furniture or unit is required to be made. So because of the reduced number of furniture in the room in which your T.V is, it offers a very pleasing and minimalistic look, with no other shelves interfering in the way.


  • You will, most definitely, require an extra set of wires to be able to reach from your cable or satellite box to your T.V.
  • You will also need a universal or extended controller because it is very likely your remote might not send signals that far to your T.V box, which is lying in the other room. The additional cost of wiring and the controller will cost you some extra cash, aside from spending on the already bought T.V box and the expensive T.V.
  • This process is a rather complex one as compared to the others. And it isn’t a DIY like the rest. It will most likely require you to hire a professional who is well suited for the job, who can set up your cable or satellite box in another room. Hiring a professional is to ensure that the receiver isn’t obstructed while setting up the T.V box.

Final Words

So to conclude the above discussion, if you are someone who has just bought a brand new flat T.V and have mounted it on the wall for that esthetic and decent look. But you are now left wondering where to put your satellite tv cable box with your wall mounted tv? Then you may have a couple of solutions depending upon your preference and the resources you have.

You may place your cable or satellite box under your T.V on a shelf. This will make the range effective but will not get rid of the wires entirely.  Depending upon the tilt of your T.V and the space available behind it, you can even place your T.V box behind your T.V to completely mask the T.V cables altogether. Or if you have an entertainment center or a cupboard already made, then you can easily place your box in that. But of course, signaling between the remote and the T.V box might get affected this way. And lastly, with the help of a professional, you can place the device entirely in a different room, depending upon your house’s structure.

In conclusion, you may choose any method depending upon your feasibility. All of the solutions mentioned above carry many pros and cons with them, so picking anyone, comes down to an individual’s preference. Or, if you have any other solution that you have in mind that we have missed out in this article, feel free to try that as well.

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