Ways of Mounting TV on Outside Brick Wall

You may think mounting TV on outside brick wall is difficult but it’s really easy as TV manufacturers design fasteners according to them. When it comes to mounting TV on an outside brick wall, special fasteners might be required. 

If you have seen or mounted a TV before you should know that it’s the TV mount that’s fixed to the wall and the TV is then mounted on it. When you buy a TV, the mount that comes with it is ideal enough to fix with wooden studs and dry walls but for a brick wall the only things that change are the number of drills and the type of screw used to fix the wall mount. This guide is for you if you’re having trouble with TV mounting to brick wall.

Here are a few things that you’d need to know before you start mounting the TV:

Tools for Mounting the TV on the brick wall

The six tools listed below are needed for installing the wall mounts on the wall as well as to attach the brackets to the back of the TV. You can find all these tools in any hardware store near you-

  • Level.
  • ¼” masonry screws.
  • Hammer drill.
  • 3/16” masonry drill bit.
  • Impact driver.
  • Flat screen TV mount.

Things to Consider

Pick the right screws

It is very important that you pick the right fasteners for your mount. Different screws are required for the different textures of walls. For Brick walls normally heavy-duty fasteners might be required. The weight of the TV is important as well to know what kind of screws might be required. Normally, for hollow bricks toggle bolts, anchor sleeves, or concrete screws would do a great job.

Determine the position for your TV

The wall mount will need to be installed first before the TV is mounted onto the wall, it’s important that you know where you want your TV to be and mark the spot for installing the mounts. You can plan out a TV box as well in your chosen spot before you install the mounts. The TV box can be used to hide the cable box as well as prevent the wires from dangling.

Also, it is to be made sure that the position for the TV installation on an outside brick wall is covered and protected from sunlight and rain, The wiring might need to be covered with extra wrappings as well to protect them from animals that might try to chew them off. 

Know the weight of your TV

It is necessary to know the weight of the TV before mounting it. As mentioned above, the screws would depend on the weight of the TV. Most modern flatscreens that are sized 60 inches weigh around 50 to 80 pounds or, around 22 to 36 kilograms.

Knowing the condition of your wall

The condition of the wall plays a huge part in keeping your TV hanging from the wall. If your brick wall is old and brittle, chances are high that your flatscreen is going to come down crashing. Before you choose a position to install the mounts and to hang your TV up, make sure that you inspect the wall properly to see if it’s strong enough and not brittle. If you realize that bits of brick is easily coming off when you apply a little pressure then you can say that the wall is not strong enough to keep holding the TV for a long time, once mounted. This step is very important and shouldn’t be avoided at any cost.

Ways of Mounting TV on outside brick wall

It’s time to install the mounts and hang the TV up,

  • Step 1 (Drilling): If you’ve determined the position for your TV, it’s time to drill holes there to attach the TV mount. First, hold the mount up against the wall and mark the points where the screws go in. Many people would prefer to use a template to mark the screw points but the template could be wrong and you might end up drilling in the wrong places. Before starting to drill, use a level to see if the mount is straight. You may choose to use your eyes to do this as well. Use the masonry drill bit and the hammer drill to do the rest of the work by drilling into the brick. Even though a normal drill can puncture into the brick as well but a hammer drill is preferred as it makes the job a lot easier. If your TV is heavier than usual, it’s wise that you drill extra slots for screws so that your mount is more stably fixed and can easily keep your TV up. 
  • Step 2 (Screwing): Once you’ve drilled into the wall it’s time to fasten the screws. Hold the mount up and fasten the screws with a power screwdriver. You can choose to add washers as well as it will help secure the screws. Make sure you don’t tighten the screws a lot as it might mess up the holds. 
  • Step 3 (Adding the TV brackets): Now it’s time to add the brackets behind the TV before mounting onto the wall mount. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws as overtightening might chip and ruin the back of the TV.
  • Step 4 (Mounting the TV):  The moment we all have been waiting for, it’s time to mount your TV. Make sure you get someone to help you hold the TV up as you fix the wirings. Slowly hook the brackets on the back of the TV to the wall mount, hopefully, you still have someone helping you to hold the TV up just in case your TV doesn’t drop and break. Please make sure that the TV is in place and won’t fall off before letting it go. 

Normally mounting the TV on the outside brick wall and the indoor brick wall is the same, it’s the position of where the TV is going to be that plays a huge factor and needs to be planned out before. Hopefully, this article will help everyone and show them the way to mounting their TV on an outside brick wall.


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