Reolink D800 vs B800- Which one is better?

Reolink, a leading innovator in the area of smart home, is committed to providing the simplest and most secure protection technologies for home and enterprise. Reolink’s goal is to render defence a smooth process for consumers through its ground-breaking security devices. Reolink devices are available and marketed globally, offering video monitoring and security to millions of households and families. The Reolink D800 vs. B800 is a never-ending debate. Both are amazing cameras and below we will find out which is the best for you.

Depending on the Reolink camera that you select, installation may be as easy as using the QR code. Some cameras need simple installation, but users report a fast procedure with no need for skilled installation. Since these battery-powered cameras are wireless, there is no need to think about boring holes or other messy construction. If you run into some problems, Reolink has a large FAQ site, as well as customer support.

Reolink D800 vs. B800 – Which one is best?

Reolink B800 Overview

The B800 is a wireless rechargeable camera that runs over WiFi. It is advertised for outdoor use, but you may also use it indoors.

Main Features of B800

100 percent Wirefree, Simple Installation-Easily assembled and installed indoors and outdoors. For an IP65 Weatherproof Certification,…

High capacity battery, Several Power Options -5200mAh pack, long-lasting power per charge. Convenient and cost efficient.

Improved PIR Monitor, Instant Alerts-Flexibly set motion sensitivity, period and zone to prevent false alarms. Push the real-time updates to your phone.

HD 1080p, Stunning Night Vision- 100° wide field of view, the exterior surveillance camera takes smoother videos and better night vision.

2.4Ghz WiFi, Easy Remote Access-Comprehensive voice directions for setting up a home surveillance camera are accessible.

In-Depth B800 Features


 You would not have to think about drilling holes or sloppy assembly with this Reolink wireless model.


As an IP65 accredited camera, it can withstand elements such as cold and hot rain, as well as moisture.

Multiple power options available:

Recharge this camera from an outlet or a separate solar panel charging station.

Low Battery Notifications:

You would not have to think about losing out on video capture due to low battery warnings.

HD recording:

This Reolink camera delivers direct and crisp 1080p video relative to its 720p equivalents.

100-degree viewing range:

It is not the highest viewing angle, but it is nice enough to see a big part of what is going on at home.

Intelligent notifications:

The Reolink B800 can warn you via email, push alerts, or the Reolink app.

Voice-recordable alerts:

Capture any message you like and play it when someone comes to the door instead of utilising two-way audio.

Local or Cloud Storage:

If you choose to store video that is caused by motion detection, you may choose to use an HD card or buy cloud storage options.

App Reolink:

Get warnings, disable sirens, and take a live peek at your home using the Reolink software.

Two-way audio:

Speak to and interact with someone on the other side of the frame using a two-way audio tool.

Google Assistant Compatible:

You can use this smart home option from a third party if you want to add voice control to your Reolink camera.

Reolink D800 Overview

The D800 is a wireless, compact and rechargeable camera that operates via WiFi. It has an impressive Night-View benefit over the Reolink B800.

Features of The D800

Wireless DIY Installation-The D800 can be conveniently assembled and built indoors and outdoors.

Rechargeable Battery-Powered-With a micro USB port and a rechargeable battery, the D800 can be stand-alone for up to 4-6 months

Complete HD Video Monitor with Starlight Night Vision-Equipped with a resolution of 1920×1080, the D800 records smooth, and crystal-clear.

Instant Playback for Local or Cloud Storage-The D800 allows users to connect up to 64GB of space to their wireless protection.

Standalone Configuration and Operation-Users can mount and run D800 directly by connecting to a 2.4G wireless router.

In-Depth Features of the D800

Rechargeable battery:

The Reolink D800 can save you money and help save the world with a rechargeable battery, utilising either a power socket or a separate solar panel.

Night vision:

Reolink D800 can see up to 33 feet at night.

PIR’s Motion sensor:

It has adaptive motion sensors that will alert you of something that occurs within or outside your house.

Two-way audio:

You are going to be able to speak to someone or whatever on the other side of the monitor.

130-degree viewing perspective:

This viewing angle gives you a solid picture of what is going on, and less blind spots.

HD Stream:

The 1080p video is full HD, meaning you are not going to get some grainy video.

Intelligent notifications:

The Reolink D800 will warn you by email, push alerts, or via the Reolink app.

Live view of the app:

Take a live peek at what is going on in your house.

Compatible with Google Assistant:

The Reolink D800 operates with Google Assistant for Smart Home Automation, and according to the website, the Reolink D800 will work with Alexa at some stage in the future.

SD Storage:

If you want to be able to capture motion, you need to buy an SD card to transfer the footage to your camera.

Weather proofing:

IP65 qualification ensures that the Reolink D800 can survive harsh outdoor weather all year round.


The built-in siren can be switched off if motion is sensed, and can also be disabled and remotely activated on the Reolink app.

Speech-recordable notifications:

Make your own personalised voice alerts when someone comes to your house. If you do not want to connect through 2-way audio, just use the pre-recorded message at any time.


Hopefully, this Reolink D800 vs. B800 review will help you find the best camera for your home. Although these both cameras are amazing and provide numerous uses, one exceeds the other over minor details. So, read both in depth and pick out the best one for your home.

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