Reolink D800 Review – Top Security Camera

Reolink is a surveillance firm that was founded in 2009 and is based on offering high-quality cameras at a low price point. Reolink claims its goal is to make the home or workplace cleaner and more convenient. These Reolink camera options give consumers stable and compact cameras with good functionality such as night vision and several power options.

Although Reolink does not provide the functionality that would excite hardcore techies out there, there are plenty of choices for most homeowners to pick from that will provide better value and a convenient way to make your home safer. In this article we will provide you with a Reolink D800 review to answer the question, ‘If it is the camera for you!’

Characteristics of the Reolink D800

4K Ultra HD-Reolink 4K Ultra HD (8MP, 3840 x 2160) PoE camera offers about 4 times the 1080P clarity and, by a large margin, outshines 5MP or 4MP Super HD. This superior camera will display the finest main images in vividness, including as you zoom in digitally, so that any doubt in the video footage you have met before is cleared up.

Plug and Play PoE Camera-Simple PoE link, only plug the surveillance camera into the NVR. So simple to set up also for a novice. Cameras will run up to 270ft via CAT5 or 330ft via Ethernet CAT6 cable.

Free Software and Remote View-Free and intuitive Reolink Client and Web App for iPhone and Android, Windows PC and MAC, no recurring membership costs. Support Live Monitor, Remote View, Motion Recognition Warning, Live Stream Monitoring and Captured Video Replay.

Smart Motion Detection and Warning – Schedulable Motion tracking, motion capture and real-time motion warning via email, software push update to your mobile phone.

See the Finest Detail in Each Recording

With over 8 million pixels-4 times the resolution of 1080p Maximum HD, this unprecedented IP camera offers breathtaking visibility and rich colours. No blurred pictures, no suspicious expressions, except as you zoom in. Protect everything you think for and see it like never before with a modern normal view!

Keep watch even in the darkest of nights

With 18pcs of strong infrared LEDs, the D800 can be seen in the dark and can track activities up to 100 feet even in dim conditions. The camera also uses 3D DNR technology, which aims to reduce picture noise, rendering surveillance footage smoother and simpler.

24/7 logging, non-stop defence

The camera can record continuously from day to night while attached to the Reolink PoE or Reolink NVR compliant surveillance camera device. You can stream or play back all-day videos and take advantage of ample flexible functionality to make your property more stable.

Get instant notification

You will be alerted through push notifications, email warnings and buzzer reminders as soon as a motion is observed. You know who is going to come, a friend or an opponent. Take prompt measures to deter future offences.

Fast and easy setup

No experienced electricians were necessary and no tech-savvy was needed. This flexible PoE (Power over Ethernet) surveillance camera can be mounted easily. Without intricate cables, the D800 simply requires a single Ethernet cable to be connected and transfer data at the same time.

Fits good under any environmental conditions

Featuring a certified IP66 waterproof rating, this all-season security camera can withstand extreme weather conditions from rainfall to freezing rain. It can be mounted outdoors or indoors, around your shop, shop and apartment for year-round security.



If you are on the Reolink camera market, odds are you are going to pay less than $100, since several of the six versions come in below that price point. If you are searching for a deal, Reolink will offer.

Simple installation

Users record an amazingly quick setup with Reolink. Some of the Reolink camera models have one stage of installation, while others need easy mounting.

Power solutions are available

If you want a hardwired camera, a lithium-powered rechargeable battery or a solar-powered camera, Reolink has choices to meet your unique needs.


Lack of choice for smart home

Compared to rivals, Reolink does not deliver a number of home automation solutions. Any of the cameras operate with Google Assistant, so if you are trying to incorporate these cameras into a broader smart home network that you have already built up, you may be out of luck.

Restricted functionality vs. rivals

We were saddened by the absence of functionality such as geofencing and human identification. Other cameras at a comparable price point have more options than Reolink has to sell.

Other Reolink Deals

There is no option for competent home surveillance with Reolink, but you would need to feel comfortable monitoring your home and contacting authorities if necessary. There is no lease or subscription package that you are supposed to compensate for while buying a Reolink camera.

If you are trying to store your videos for more than 7 days, the cloud storage is a choice you will pay for on a monthly basis.

Options for Home Automation

This is one place where Reolink is behind the competitors. Most cameras are compliant with Google Assistant, but this is the only compatible third party home automation platform that can be built into your Reolink device. The company promises that Alexa’s compatibility is coming soon, but if you are trying to build an entire home automation environment, Reolink’s cameras might not be your best choice.

The bottom line

When it comes to inexpensive battery-powered cameras needing easy installation and essential features, Reolink is a good bet. You can appreciate features such as two-way contact, sirens, night vision, and even the ability to charge batteries with a solar panel. Hopefully, this Reolink D800 review will help you in answering the query if the D800 is an optimum choice for you!

While Reolink lacks high-tech capabilities, such as human detection and geofencing, the price makes up for it. You can comfortably equip your home with Reolink goods for less than $500, which is a steal from the DIY camera arena. If you are searching for something with a wide variety of smart home connectivity solutions, you may want to search elsewhere.

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