Foscam Vs Reolink – Top IP Camera Compared

Both Foscam and Reolink launched few versions of IP surveillance cameras, not as many as the models released by major vendors such as Hikvision, Lorex, or Dahua. Reolink releases a number of goods that can be compared to items from other suppliers with the same or similar technological specifications that are available at a more affordable cost, and efficiency is no poorer than other products that are more costly. In this comparative review, we will help you decide Foscam Vs Reolink once and for all!

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Reolink cameras

Reolink is a surveillance firm that was founded in 2009 and is based on offering high-quality cameras at a low price point. Reolink claims its goal is to make the home or workplace cleaner and more convenient.

These Reolink camera options give consumers stable and compact cameras with good functionality, such as night vision and various power options.

Although Reolink does not provide the functionality that would excite hardcore techies out there, there are plenty of choices for most homeowners to pick from that will provide better value and a convenient way to make your home safer.

Foscam cameras

Foscam cameras cost less than Reolink on average. As you can see from the chart above, the smaller camera costs almost $20 less than the Reolink edition, whereas the larger camera costs almost $50 less. And though you pay less, you may not have to think regarding losing efficiency. Take a peek at the Foscam video to understand a little more about this model!

As well, Foscam provides a broad range of night vision and a broader field of view. Foscam’s iconic F19821P model is the brand’s very first wireless surveillance camera to plug and play. It helps you to link to your mobile camera, listen to, monitor, and manage your camera right from your screen. This is perfect for the people on the go!

Some critics also claimed that setting up Foscam systems is a difficult task, even though they are sold as simple to install as DIY. Any owners of Foscam cameras have also reported that linking their camera to Wi-Fi is a problem. To enable their cameras to operate, they need to link them back with the Ethernet cable. While this camera is perfect for those who want to see their camera stream live, some critics have argued that it is not ideal for those who want a camera that can conveniently record and archive all of the videos. Reviewers had a rough time accessing the saved video and considered this functionality to be incomplete.

Foscam Vs Reolink

This time, we would equate Reolink’s goods with Foscam, all of which are heavily geared at customers’ needs, not industry or business needs, like most items developed by Hikvision, Lorex, or Dahua, even though they often release products intended for consumers or small business needs.

We take each of Foscam’s mainstay products from the PTZ, dome, or Wi-Fi model and search for related products sold by Reolink’s flagship brands.

RLC-423 vs. Foscam FI9928P

Take Foscam FI9928p PTZ outdoor surveillance camera – one of the PTZ features provided by Foscam and comparable to Reolink RLC-423 – one of the better PTZ outdoor cameras offered by Reolink.

Night Vision in Color

Reolink RLC-423 is a hot product that sells well on the market with good output and cheap price, particularly the resolution provided is 5mp/2k with a range of IR LEDs that can reach up to 190ft (60m) in complete darkness, quite suitable for outdoor needs with broad coverage of your land. In reality, this device has a related Wi-Fi variant – the Reolink RLC-420WS, but this product is now utter for some reason, and the wired version remains one of the best POE PTZ cameras with 5MP resolution available on the market, along with the Reolink ip4m-1053 4MP POE PTZ camera.

Foscam FI9928p, on the other side, is just 2MP (1080p) resolution @25 fps, and the positive news is that it comes with built-in Sony Starvis CMOS that can also enable night vision in ambient light/low light conditions.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

While Reolink RLC-423 is a wired POE model, Reolink originally launched the Wi-Fi series (Reolink RLC-423WS), but this device is now no longer in development, and the POE variant is still preserved, considering the output of the RLC-423 POE PTZ camera is still good with good scores. On the other side, Foscam fi9928p is a wireless PTZ camera with a basic 802.11n single band.

The biggest discrepancy in the resolution of the Reolink RLC-423, which is twice as large as the Foscam fi9928p, can be seen from these two device versions. Foscam’s home needs for a two-way audio interface with an external microphone and speaker are fine, although Reolink is only possible with one audio interface.

Foscam D4Z vs. RLC-522.

Now we are comparing the two recent Foscam and Reolink products to the dome standard. Foscam D4Z (in other countries, this commodity is called VZ4) is priced at about $120 and is not much accessible on the market, although Reolink Rlc-522 has been around for some time at an affordable price relative to other goods in its class.

Tilted Panning

Both of these items are mechanically different; the Foscam d4z is a PTZ camera with motorized optical zoom to enable you to flicker and tilt as required remotely with the app, while the Reolink RLC-522 is a dome camera with manual rotate that you need to change as needed to which view angle the camera would aim inside your house, it cannot do panning and tilting but just zooming.

Foscam D4z resolution is marginally smaller than rlc-522, but the optical zoom is 4x instead of 3x provided by Reolink rlc-522 with 5MP resolution. Reolink provides a longer infrared range of up to 100ft, along with Dz4, which offers an infrared range of up to 64ft.

There are often two opposite sides of the positives and disadvantages of both of these aspects of the camera. One-way audio is opposed to two-way audio on Reolink, Foscam with Wi-Fi connectivity, while Reolink with POE support. Look at table 2 below, which displays the reference table for Foscam vs. Reolink.


Hopefully, this comparison review will help you decide between the debate Foscam Vs Reolink. Although these both are great companies, you can look at the differences, pros and cons of each camera company and find the best one for yourself!

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