Best Mantel TV Mount Reviews

Mantel Mounts were designed to redefine your home entertainment experience. Mantel Mounts are designed to add more mobility to your television while being fixed to the wall. It was designed so that you can move your TV according to the comfort of your eyes by either bringing it to eye level or even swiveling it towards a viewer who might not be sitting on the couch which you have positioned right in front of the TV. A mantel mount differs a lot from any conventional TV mount available on the market as it was solely designed to improve the quality of viewing television by a lot. 

Best Mantel TV Mounts

Below we have reviewed four of the best mantel mounts that you can buy for your TV. We have outlined the unique features together with the pros and cons that might help you differentiate between each mount.

1. MantelMount MM750 Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount

This one is the most expensive Mantel mount that you can buy, being priced at $900. The Mantel comes with Full range motion and a very heavy-duty build. It has a soundbar attachment and a recess box for 1.6 inches flush to wall storage. A very unique feature that this wall mount has is the material that it is made with. You can easily repaint the surface of the wall mount to match the decor of your house. 

The mantel has 4 premium gas pistons attached to it allowing you to move the TV very smoothly. It can auto straighten itself as well stabilize and has a stopping wherever you position it feature. This version of the Mantel mount can hold a TV of the size of 55 inches all the way up to 100 inches.  It allows you to move the TV vertical 22 inches and gives a swivel of 30 degrees. The manufacturer of the product provides you with a lifetime warranty as well as a 100% guarantee of its durability. 


  • 4 premium gas pistons for easy mobility of your television.
  • A strong design that allows you to hold the TV in place without risk of falling. 
  • Repaintable surface.
  • Soundbar Attachment.
  • Recess box at the back.
  • Auto straightening and stabilization. 
  • Heat sensor handles.


  • Very expensive for a TV mount.
  • Heavier than the other variants available in the market. 
  • Off the wall distance and swivel lower than other variants.

2. MantelMount MM700 Pro Fireplace TV Mount Pull Down Bracket for 50″-90″ TVs

The MM 700 Pro Mantel Mount allows you to mount televisions that have a size of 50 inches to 90 inches. This version of the mount allows you a vertical 26-inch movement of your TV together with a swivel of 35 – 60 degrees. It has auto stabilization and auto straighten features just like the MM750. The material used to build the mount is Alloy steel and it comes with gas pistons as well. The mount is made with 3 MM steel and comes with wall mounts that are paintable as well.

It has no recess box attached to it but comes with the option to attach the soundbar. The MM 700 can hold TVs with a weight of 25 to 115 pounds with ease. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a 100% guarantee as well.  


  • Premium gas pistons for easy mobility. 
  • The sturdy design will hold the TV in place with no risk of falling.
  • Has a vertical movement of 26 inches.
  • Allows a swivel of 35 to 60 degrees. 
  • Heavy-duty 3 MM steel was used to make the mount. 
  • Option to attach soundbar. 
  • Lighter than some of the other mantel mount variants.


  • Cheaper than the MM 750 pro but still expensive for a TV mount, being priced at $500.
  • Cannot hold televisions that are bigger than 90 inches. 
  • Cannot hold televisions that are smaller than 50 inches. 

3. MantelMount MM540 – Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount for 40″ to 80″ TVs

The MM 540 is priced much lesser than the MM 700 pro and the MM 750 pro, with a price tag of $379. This version of the mantel mount gives you a full range of motion for your television just like the other mantel mounts available on the market. The MM 540 has heat sensor handles, adjustable tilt, and also easy installation of the mount itself. The Mount allows you to vertically move your television for up to 27 inches and allows you to swivel the TV 30 degrees left or right. You can also move the TV 60 degrees in any one direction. 

The mount doesn’t have any recess box but comes with a paintable wall cover. It has a feature to attach soundbars just like the other Mantel Mounts in this article. The MM 540 is made with iron and not alloy steel like the other Mantel Mounts on this list. It is designed to hold TVs that are 44 inches to all the wat up to 80 inches. The MM 540 comes with a limited lifetime warranty and also a 100% guarantee on the product.  


  • 30 degree to 60-degree swivel.
  • Comes with a heat-sensing handle.
  • 27 inches vertical mobility for the TV. 
  • Priced cheaper than the MM 700 pro and the MM 750 pro. 
  • Auto straightening and stabilization.
  • Option to attach soundbar.
  • Premium gas piston for easy mobility. 


  • Only two gas pistons attached to the mantel mount. 
  • The mantel mount is made of iron and not Alloy steel. 
  • Can not hold TVs larger than 80 inches. 
  • It can not hold TVs smaller than 44 inches.

4. Sanus Premium Full Motion TV Wall Mount (MM340 ) for Large TVs Up to 90″ TVs

This is the cheapest Mantel mount that you can probably find in the market being priced at $229. The mount can hold televisions that are as small as 44 inches to televisions that go all the way up to 90 inches. This variant can be said to be better than the MM 540 as it can hold TVs that are larger than 80 inches, but it lacks the feature of allowing you to attach a soundbar to it. The Mount comes with auto straightening and gas piston stabilization just like the other variants available in the market. 

The mount is made using iron and has a handle to adjust the movement of the TV just as you wish. The Mount allows you to swivel the TV at an angle of 30 degrees and allows a vertical movement of up to 27 inches. The mantel mount has easy cable management, a safety bolt, and a sliding wall plate as well. It can hold televisions that weigh from 20 to 90 pounds. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and also a 100 % guarantee from the company that manufactures the mantel mounts. 


  • It comes with dual premium pistons for auto stabilization.
  • It has auto straightening features. 
  • It allows up to 90 inches TV, more than the MM 540 allows. 
  • 27 inches vertical mobility for the TV. 
  • Very cheap price, compared to all the other mantel mounts available in the market. 


  • Not as strongly built as the other mantel mounts available in the market.
  • Built using iron and not alloy steel like some other mantel mounts. 
  • It has no soundbar attachment option. 
  • Cannot hold TVs that are smaller than 44 inches. 
  • No heat-sensing handle in this variant of the mantel mount. 

How to Install Mantel TV Mount?

Installing a Mantel TV mount is really easy. Firstly we need to make sure that all the components come with the box, otherwise, we won’t be able to install the mount. If you have any of the parts that might be missing you should contact MantelMount immediately. Make sure that the Mantel Mount is placed only above a decorative fireplace that has two studs on the wall to attach the mount to. The TV should not be more than 110 pounds heavier or the mount may not be able to hold it. Below is the step to step guide on installing the Mantel Mount. 

Step 1: Get spacers for your TV if it has an irregular back and also the correct screws according to the TV you want to mount. 

Step 2: You need to know the distance of the TV from the lift housing so that you can mount the mounter on the wall.

Step 3: Determine the vertical position of the housing. 

Step 4: Mark the location of the house lift and install the lift housing.

Step 5: Install the TV frame accordingly with the lift house.

Step 6: Adjust the long bolts inside the lift house according to the weight of the TV. 

Step 7: Adjust the bottom stop position so that it doesn’t hit the top of the fireplace. 

Step 8: Adjust the side swivel stop position and remove any unwanted tilt. 

Step 9: Attach the cables and use. 

Final Thoughts

Mantel mounts are really a revolutionary invention that can help to greatly improve your TV viewing experience. We believe that by now you already know how Mantel Mount TV mounts can help prevent eye strain by bringing the TV to your eye level. It might be priced a lot but it is still something that can keep your guests awestruck while also helping to improve your user experience. We hope that the 4 mantel mount reviews were really useful for you and will help you decide which mantel mount would be best for your TV. Thanks for reading this article.

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