Best Franklin Stud Finder Reviews

Studs are framings on the wall that help support the wall. There might come moments when you would need to find where the studs in your wall are located and that is why we are bringing you franklin stud finder reviews to help you pick the best stud finder for yourself. You may ask yourself exactly why you would need a stud finder. Studs keep your fasteners attached to the wall, whenever you need them to hang a picture or a frame on it. Not only that but heavy objects like shelves and TV mounts need to be attached to studs as well, as the wall isn’t strong enough to take the weight. 

Franklin ProSensor T6 review

The Franklin ProSensor T6 is the most compact stud finder on this list. The stud finder works by sensing the density behind the wall and notifying you with the 6 sets of LED lights attached to the front. The LED lights light up as soon as the sensors detect a change in density. The compact design of this tool makes the job easy for you to easily use on walls and ceilings. This stud scanner has one great feature which eliminates the need for calibration making it easy for you to use it right away. The button of this piece of product is placed on the left side of the handle so you can click on it using your right hand’s thumb. The scanning part of the stud finder comes with a no-mar pad so that you don’t end up putting marks on your wall when you slide it on your walls or ceilings. One downside of this product is that you cannot use it on plastered walls. Plastered walls have an inconsistent density and give off a lot of false positives when a stud finder is used on them. Overall this is the best compact-sized and pocket-friendly stud finder that you can find in the market. The T6 is priced at $24.94.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Compatible and easy to store in pockets.
  3. Can detect both metal and wooden studs. 
  4. The ProSensor T6 is very accurate compared to other stud finders 
  5. 3-inch wide LED display on the front. 


  1. The ProSensor T6 is easy to carry around. 
  2. It can be held using one hand only making it easy to use on surfaces such as ceilings. 
  3. The No-mar pad on the bottom helps protect your walls. 
  4. No calibration required before use.


  1. Cannot be used on plastered walls.

Franklin T13 Stud Finder review

The Franklin T13 Stud Finder is the newest addition to the range of stud scanners that Franklin has to offer. It comes with a range of 13 sensor LEDs which light up when the Stud Finder is right over a metal or wooden stud. This variant of the stud finder is made with complete plastic and weighs around 13.4 ounces making it heavier than the ProSensor T6. The product runs using AA batteries. The tool comes with a 7-inch scanning area, which enables you to detect studs without having to move the Stud Finder a lot. The T13 is very accurate in detecting studs and does it very efficiently as well in very little time. This makes it better than any stud finder in the market. One very unique feature that the T13 Stud Finder has is the pencil caddy that allows you to carry a small pencil with the tool which can be used to mark on the wall in case you want to mark the spot where you want to put the fasteners or hooks. The T13 Stud finder doesn’t need to be calibrated like the T6 ProFinder variant of Franklin. Just switch it on and start using it. Unlike other stud finders in the market that need to be calibrated before using it on the wall, you can just start using the T13 stud finder without calibrating it. The T13 Stud finder is slightly longer than the Franklin ProSensor 710 which we will be covering next. The T13 is priced at $59.99.


  1. Can detect both metal and wood studs. 
  2. Longer scanning area.
  3. 13 LEDs to show more accurate sensor readings. 
  4. 7-inch scanning area.
  5. It has a pencil caddy.


  1. The Stud Finder has a 7-inch scanning area which allows more coverage.
  2. Very accurate, can detect studs in all kinds of surfaces. Even walls with a thick layer of paint. 
  3. Most accurate stud finder in the market.


  1. A bit expensive being a tool for a simple task.
  2. The grip is very shallow making it really hard to grab it. 

Franklin ProSensor 710 Stud Finder review

This is one of the most popular stud finders in the market. The weight of this stud finder is 9 ounces and it runs on AA batteries as well. Looking very similar to the T13, this one came out before T13 though. The features of this product are very similar to the Franklin T13 stud finder with some extra features being added in the T13. The accuracy of this device is very well-known, with accuracy in readings even with wall textures that are uneven. The 710 also allows you to detect two objects at the same time. This feature is more useful when you are scanning for studs around corners or around electric boards. This feature is also available in the T13. The ProSensor 710 doesn’t need you to scan very slowly and you can just scan at whatever pace you want as the device is very fast in picking up readings. This Stud Finder also allows you to measure the width of the hidden object inside your wall. A normal stud measures 3 LEDs on the Stud Finder and a facing stud should measure 6 LEDs. The Deep scanning feature in both the 710 and T13 also allows you to scan through thicker walls and mark the objects in there. Just like the T6 and the T13, you don’t need to calibrate the 710 either making it ready to use. One downside the 710 has is the grip just like the T13. The grip is really narrow making it very hard to hold it firm, a less ergonomic option. The 710 is priced at $55.


  1. 7-inch scanning area.
  2. Deep Scanning.
  3. Knowing hidden object width.
  4. Multi-object detection. 
  5. 13 LEDs for more approximate scanning. 


  1. Comes with deep scanning allowing you to scan through thick walls. 
  2. A big scanning area reduces the need to move the stud finder a lot. 
  3. Multiple object detection can be really useful as well.
  4. There is a single power button that you need to hold only when taking readings.
  5. The product is noise-free making no noise while you scan the wall. 


  1. The price is a bit too high.
  2. Grip isn’t ergonomic.

Final Thoughts

The 3 franklin stud finder review are sure to help you get the best stud finder for yourself as we have brought the best in the market in this article. Franklin products are already known for their great durability and quality. Which product you want to pick now depends on you. If you just need a compact stud finder for your house that you are going to keep as a DIY assist tool then you can get yourself the T6 ProFinder. If you are someone who is a professional carpenter and needs something that is more accurate and efficient in locating studs for you then you can opt for the 710 or the T13 both being the best in the market to do the job.

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