Best Stud Finder for Plaster Walls in 2023

Are you in search of the best stud finder for plaster walls to anchor heavy equipment, accomplish the repair or maintenance? To ensure the wall can withhold the weight of heavy installations, you have to detect the studs underneath the plaster with a stud finder. But unless you use a quality tool, you cannot be assured of avoiding structural harm to your walls or ceiling. 

Purchasing a quality stud sensor is tricky, especially when the market is buzzing with plenty of products. To assist you in getting the perfect professional stud finder, we are offering here a precise list and everything you need to do to make the best buying decision. 

Best Stud Finders for Plaster Walls

Let’s get insight into the in-depth overview of the list of quality stud detectors out there. 

1. Franklin Sensors FS710ProSensor 710+

Are you searching for the best stud finder for textured walls with higher efficiency to ensure the process is correct and smoother? No matter if you are installing a television or some parking bulbs, Franklin Sensors FS710ProSensor 710+ can scan a broad area to identify the studs under the plaster wall accurately. Thanks to its 13-sensor technology that lets you skip the calibration and scan the surface for detecting studs with precision in a short time! This feature undoubtedly makes it stand out among the pack.  

It is fast, effortless, and thanks to the responsive LED display that ensures displaying both ends and middle of studs simultaneously! 

Though it shows errors in metal sensing, FS710ProSensor 710+ is compact, incorporates an integrated scale to make the measuring process seamless, and its 21-inch sensor area makes it one of the most selling stud finders for a specific, broad, and proper judgment. 


  • 13 sensors
  • Compact design
  • Includes a ruler and leveler
  • Higher accuracy rate


  • No warning for live AC wire


How about finding a 2-in-1 stud detector at a reasonable rate? BLACK+DECKER BDL190S Line Laser Auto-leveling stud finder has both stud detection and laser level facility. Its licensed auto-leveling feature makes your installation work hassle-free by projecting a laser line horizontally to make the leveling process automatic! So you do not have to worry about whether you have the DIY skill or not, BLACK+DECKER BDL190S BullsEye is there to handle the task successfully. 

BLACK+DECKER BDL190S BullsEye also features a hanger. Thus you can mount it to the wall and do the rest of your installation work. It does not only feature stud detection or auto-leveling. It can also find the A/C wires and wood framings. Now installing an appliance or equipment close to an electrical conduit has become easy and effortless with this BLACK+DECKER BDL190S BullsEye. 

Though the auto-leveler works a bit better than the stud detecting process, you can rely on this dual-performance device to make the process smoother and cost-effective!


  • Horizontal laser line
  • 2-in-1 device
  • Wall mounting facility
  •  Auto-leveling technology


  • No projection of vertical laser line

3. Bosch Digital Multi-Scanner GMS120

With the digital multi-mode technology, Bosch Digital Multi-Scanner GMS120 is an upgraded stud scanner that can detect wood stud, live A/C wiring, or metals efficiently. Whether you are a constructor, an electrician, or a homeowner intending to take on a DIY installation project, Bosch Digital Multi-Scanner GMS120 can serve you all the way around. 

To ensure the detection is accurate and precise, it features advanced 3-sensor laser technology. Thus it can assure the detection is from the deeper wall offering an accuracy rate of 0.0625. 

Bosch Digital Multi-Scanner GMS120 comes with self-calibration technology to ensure the device is being calibrated from the very beginning of the process and continues throughout to guarantee the output it is displaying is correct. Its LCD is bright and notifies multiple modes with different colored lights for easy detection.


  • 3-sensor technology
  • Incorporates a center finder
  • Bright LCD display
  • Deeper detection
  • Warranty of 2-years


  • No wall mounting facility

4. Precision Sensor ProFinder 5000+ Professional Stud Finder

Do you need the best stud finder for professional use? Do not look elsewhere and get the Precision Sensor ProFinder 5000+ Professional Stud Finder. It is a quality professional stud finder that features a built-in ruler and leveler to boost the performance of the user. 

Thanks to the latest precision electronic sensor technology it features that enables the device to detect studs underneath the wall, irrespective of its texture, thickness, and color. You only have to press the button, and its responsive and bright LED lighting technology will successfully indicate the object, be it a wood stud or an alloy object. Its multi-sensor technology not only enables the user to detect multiple objects at a single time but also indicates the width of them.  

Precision Sensor ProFinder 5000+ Professional Stud Finder is easy to use, offers a deep and broad range of surface readings, comes with a grip for effortless operation, and undoubtedly professional-grade equipment. 


  • Incorporates both sound and LED lighting to alert
  • Features precision-sense technology
  • Covers a wide range of surface
  •  Comes with a grip


  • Cannot suit the multi-scannable device range

5. Zircon MultiScanner 740

Zircon MultiScanner 740 is the outcome of a relentless effort of 30-years of the company Zircon aiming to produce a premium quality multi scanner for both professional and DIY users. It features 4-modes: StudScan, DeepScan, Metal scan, and AC scan modes to ensure you can detect the location of the ends or center studs, objects like pipes, or AC live wires with accuracy. 

Do not fret if you are not that much skilled in this task. Thanks to the Auto Correcting Technology of Zircon MultiScanner 740 that brings precision to the process by eliminating the usual mistakes you can make. There is no need to take on the hassle of the manual marking process on the surface. With the advanced marker coming with Zircon MultiScanner 740, you now get the facility to use the designated button and mark your object!

Zircon MultiScanner 740 is a compact, well-engineered, easy-to-operate device that incorporates the latest technologies to make the installation process safe, precise, and sturdy. 


  • Four modes of operation
  • Innovative LCD
  • Double SpotLite Pointing process
  • Incorporates Signal Strength indicator
  • Integrated Auto-Correction facility


  • Not compatible to use on the exterior of the home

6. FOLAI Stud Finder Sensor Wall Scanner- 5-in-1

Be it for professional engineering work or a DIY enthusiast homeowner, Stud Finder Sensor Wall Scanner – 5 in 1 can be a perfect choice. No matter if the wall or ceiling has wooden or metal studs, pipes, framework, or fire line beneath, this electronic scanner can detect them within no time! Thanks to the advanced and latest sensor technology that enables the device to make the scanning process swift and precise. 

It is a 5-mode multi-functional scanner that makes the device find the objects underneath with a deepness up to 60mm: be it an AC live wire, metal or wood studs, pipelines, etc. Drilling close to an electric conduit has become effortless with the wire warning indicator of Stud Finder Sensor Wall Scanner – 5 in 1. 

It has a bright and broad LCD that lets you locate the edges as well as the center of the stud precisely. Thanks to the combined audio warning that makes the alert process more accurate and convincing. 


  • 5-mode electrical scanner
  • Combined audio alert
  • Deep scanning
  • Bright LCD display


  • Works better in drywalls than plaster walls

Buying Guide for Stud Finder

To ensure you are buying a quality stud finder, you need to consider the following factors before making the buying decision. 

Sensor Type

You will find two types of stud finders: electrical and magnetic stud finder. Magnetic stud finders require no electrical component and batteries. They are more affordable than the electrical one. Electrical stud finders are more sophisticated in features like LCD/LED display, center and edge detection, and multi-mode functionality. Consider your need and budget and go with the right type of sensor compatible with your requirements. 

Sensing Dimension

The sensing dimension places a very significant role in your purchase decision. Sensors with a larger sensing area can scan a wide range of surface or even numerous studs at a time. They can ensure the scan is from the deep, making the process precise.


You would never go with a device with poor grip and design. While roaming around the local or online stores, make sure you purchase a stud finder that features a soft and convenient grip for effortless operation. A sturdy grip also ensures the calibration is accurate and does not display incorrect values. 

Center Targeting

If you do not want to undertake the hassle of calculating the centers of the studs, you can go with a sophisticated electrical stud detector that features center targeting technology. Make sure you buy a finder that has a digital indicator incorporating a center targeting facility to notify you when it detects the center. 

Digital Display

As we already stated, the display is a distinct feature of electronic stud finders. Some have LED lights to notify you when a stud is detected. Others may have an LCD for displaying the distance of the studs. Go with the finder with the most convenient display feature, according to you. 

Audio Alert

Magnetic stud finder tools does not incorporate any alert system. However, some electric sensors include an audio alert when it finds an object underneath the plaster wall. To locate each stud with more precision, go with a stud finder featuring audio or sound alert. 


Let’s get an in-depth overview of the frequently asked questions about stud finders. 

Q: Can you use a stud detector on a plaster wall? 

Answer: YES, you can. But you obviously need a sophisticated device as some stud finders work better on drywalls than plaster walls. The stud finders we have mentioned above are great for locating studs beneath plaster walls, even when the plaster is textured unevenly. 

Q: How to locate a stud underneath a plaster wall?

Answer: To find a stud in a plaster wall: 

  • You have to find an electric outlet first.
  • Calibrate the device and make a route to the right from the left on the area above the outlet. If the device detects studs, the light indicator will blink. 
  • Take the device 16 inches farther horizontally to the right and reverse the direction. The next stud will be nearer to the previously marked one. 

Q: Do all plasters have studs?

Answer: No, not all plaster walls have studs, especially the structures of the early 60s. You may find walls with plasters on metal lath. Again plaster walls may be of masonry type.  

Q: Are plaster walls bad?

Answer: Though modern houses adopt drywall, ancient houses are made of plaster walls, and they are not a bad choice in some cases. Plaster walls are:

  • stronger and endured than drywalls
  • Plaster wall is energy efficient because of its thickness
  • Works as a better sound blocker than drywall

Q: How much weight can plaster walls hold?

Answer: The plaster is strong and a plaster wall can withhold any amount of weight you install. A well-anchored weight of about 50 pounds can be installed on each 12″ * 12″ dimension of 0.5″ plaster wall.


The best stud finder for plaster walls will help you locate the studs under the plaster to fix your installations near them to be rigid and firm. The above information and the comprehensive list we have offered above would be a milestone in selecting a quality stud finder compatible with your structure type and needs.

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