Samsung Qn90B Vs Qn92B: Ultimate Comparison Guide

The samsung qn90b and qn92b are two similar tv models with a few key differences. Overall, the qn92b offers slightly better picture quality and sound performance compared to the qn90b, along with some additional features such as the oneconnect box and slim fit wall mount compatibility.

Samsung is one of the top tv brands in the market today, offering a wide variety of tv models with various features and price points. The qn90b and qn92b are two models that are similar in many ways but do have some differences that set them apart.

In this article, we will take a closer look at these two models and compare their features and performance. Whether you are looking for a tv for gaming, movies, or everyday use, we will provide all the information you need to make an informed decision. So, let’s dive in and explore the samsung qn90b vs qn92b.

Samsung Qn90B Vs Qn92B: Ultimate Comparison Guide


Design And Build Quality

Samsung is a reliable company known for its high-quality electronics, particularly its televisions. Two of its latest models, the qn90b and qn92b, have garnered much attention recently. They may seem similar at first glance, but upon closer inspection, there are noticeable differences between the two.

In this blog post, we will focus on the design and build quality of the two models.

Detailed Comparison Of The Design And Build Quality Of The Two Models

Samsung Qn90B Design And Build Quality

  • Sleek design with an ultra-thin bezel
  • Sturdy build quality with a metal body
  • Comes with a sleek and sturdy stand
  • The one connect box is separate from the tv, allowing for easier cable management

Samsung Qn92B Design And Build Quality

  • Similar sleek design with an ultra-thin bezel as the qn90b
  • Sturdy build quality with a metal body
  • Comes with a sleek and sturdy stand like the qn90b
  • Built-in speakers with object tracking sound+ technology

It is clear from the above comparison that there are only a few differences in the design and build quality of the qn90b and qn92b. The qn90b has a separate one connect box while the qn92b has built-in speakers with object tracking sound+ technology.

Both models have a sturdy build quality with a metal body and come with a sleek stand.

Both the samsung qn90b and qn92b models have exceptional design and build quality. The slight differences between the two models are negligible and come down to personal preferences. When purchasing one of these models, your final decision will ultimately depend on your entertainment requirements and preferences.

Picture Quality

Samsung Qn90B Vs Qn92B: Which One Offers Better Picture Quality?

Samsung is one of the biggest producers of high-quality television sets in the market. When it comes to the samsung qn90b and qn92b, both tv models are highly sought-after due to their impressive features. However, when it comes to picture quality, which one offers a better viewing experience?

Let’s dive in to find out.

Analysis Of The Picture Quality Of Both Models, Including A Breakdown Of Features Such As Color Accuracy, Contrast, And Brightness

Samsung Qn90B

  • The qn90b comes equipped with quantum matrix technology that allows for superb color accuracy and contrast.
  • The tv also boasts impressive brightness levels, providing a superior viewing experience regardless of the lighting conditions.
  • Additionally, the anti-glare screen ensures that viewing angles remain optimal, no matter where you sit, providing uniform brightness.
  • Compared to its predecessors, this model also features a new backlight dimming algorithm that enhances the contrast even more than before.

Samsung Qn92B

  • Like the qn90b, the qn92b comes with quantum matrix technology that delivers exceptional color accuracy and contrast, but with even higher peak brightness levels.
  • The qn92b also utilizes powerful artificial intelligence (ai) to automatically adjust the brightness and contrast according to the lighting conditions in the room, resulting in a crystal-clear picture, regardless of the viewing environment.
  • The tv also comes equipped with an ultra-wide angle that can be viewed with stunning brightness, regardless of where you are in the room.

Comparison Of Upscaling Capabilities And Overall Resolution

Samsung Qn90B

  • The qn90b is a 4k tv, meaning that it has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. However, through advanced upscaling technology, the tv can convert hd and full hd content to near-4k quality, making it a great option for streaming.
  • The quantum processor 4k in the qn90b model also helps to improve picture quality by automatically analyzing the content and optimizing the contrast and brightness.

Samsung Qn92B

  • The qn92b is also a 4k tv, but it features an upgraded quantum processor 4k with even more upscaling capabilities than the qn90b version. This makes it easier for the tv to convert non-4k content into near-4k quality without causing distortion or blurring.
  • Additionally, the qn92b comes equipped with even more advanced ai capabilities, known as neo quantum processor 4k. This processor can upscale and optimize content quality through the use of ai features such as deep learning and 16-bit 3d color mapping.

Overall, both the samsung qn90b and qn92b models offer excellent picture quality and upscaling capabilities. However, the qn92b takes it up a notch by providing even more advanced ai features, brighter peak brightness levels and an upgraded quantum processor 4k version.

So, if you’re looking for a tv with the latest technology and better picture quality, the qn92b may be the better option for you.

Sound Quality

Samsung Qn90B Vs Qn92B: Revealing The Superiority Of Sound

Samsung has made quite an impression with its latest line of qled tvs, and the qn90b and qn92b are two of their most popular models. Both models are designed with exceptional image quality, premium features, and outstanding sound quality. However, which is the better option, and which provides a superior sound experience?

Let’s find out with a side-by-side comparison of the two models’ sound quality.

Review Of The Sound Quality Of Samsung Qn90B And Qn92B

The qn90b and qn92b are among the finest examples of samsung’s qled tvs. They stand out from other models in terms of picture quality and features, but their sound system is equally remarkable. Here’s what we found using our expert review:

  • Samsung qn90b and qn92b both feature a total of 4 speakers.
  • Both models use the object tracking sound+ system for optimum audio performance.
  • The qn92b technology uses a ‘6.2.2’ speaker configuration, while qn90b employs a ‘2.2.2’ setup.
  • The dolby atmos and dts: X technology is available with the qn92b.

Comparison Of Speaker Configuration, Sound System And Capabilities

It’s not just about the number of speakers when it comes to sound quality; it’s about the configuration, audio system, and capabilities. Here is a more in-depth comparison of both models’ speaker performance:

Speaker Configuration

  • The qn90b features a 2.2.2 speaker configuration, whereas the qn92b has a 6.2.2 setup.
  • Qn90b features 2 mid-range drivers while qn92b has 4 mid-range drivers.

Sound System

  • Qn90b and qn92b have the same sound system technology, object tracking sound+.
  • The qn92b has a more powerful system that can handle more sound, thanks to a higher wattage capacity and 4 more mid-range drivers.
  • The qn90b has a less powerful sound system overall but still provides superior sound quality.


  • The qn92b offers dolby atmos and dts: X technology, while the qn90b does not.
  • The qn92b can handle more sound, which makes it more capable of delivering a cinematic sound experience.
  • The qn90b provides an exceptional sound system but is limited in its capabilities when compared to the qn92b.

If you want to experience the most superior sound quality, the samsung qn92b is the way to go. It has a higher speaker configuration, more powerful sound system, and additional capabilities that the qn90b lacks. However, if you’re content with excellent sound quality and premium features, then the qn90b is still an excellent choice.

Ultimately, your choice will depend on your requirements, preference, and budget.

Smart Tv Features

Evaluation Of The Smart Tv Functionality Of Both Models, Including Evaluation Of Their Use Of Voice Assistants And Overall User Interface

Samsung is a well-established brand when it comes to the world of smart tvs. The qn90b and qn92b are two of their latest offerings in this segment. But, which of these two is better when it comes to smart tv functionality?

Let’s evaluate both models, including their use of voice assistants and overall user interface.

  • Both models come with samsung’s voice assistant, bixby. You can use voice commands to change channels, search for content, control volume, and much more. However, the qn92b stands out with its integration of google assistant and amazon alexa. This means you can use any of these three popular voice assistants to control your tv.
  • The qn92b also has a more user-friendly interface compared to its counterpart. It has an improved user interface (ui) that is faster and more responsive. The remote for the qn92b has a new backlight function, making it easy to navigate even in low-light conditions. The qn90b, on the other hand, has a slightly cluttered interface with small buttons on the remote.
  • One area where both tvs have similarities is the compatibility with smartthings. This feature allows you to control your smart home devices from your tv, making it the central hub for your home automation.

Comparison Of Features Such As Streaming Options, Compatibility With Third-Party Devices And Applications, And Overall User Experience

When it comes to features, both samsung models are well-stocked. Here’s a comparison of the features for the qn90b and qn92b:

  • Streaming options: Both models offer excellent streaming options such as netflix, hulu, and youtube. But, the qn92b has more 4k streaming options, making it the better choice if you have a 4k tv.
  • Compatibility with third-party devices and applications: Both the qn90b and qn92b have a vast range of compatibility with third-party devices and applications, making it easy to connect other devices such as gaming consoles, soundbars, and more.
  • Overall user experience: The qn92b provides a smoother and faster user experience. The inclusion of the one connect box separates the tv from the associated electronics, reducing clutter and easing installation.

Both models are impressive, but if you’re looking for a more user-friendly, responsive, and voice-controlled tv, the qn92b should be your pick. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option with similar smart tv features, the qn90b is the perfect balance.


The samsung qn90b and qn92b are two of the hottest televisions on the market, and if you’re in the market for a new tv, you might be wondering which one is right for you. In this section, we’ll be comparing the connectivity features of the samsung qn90b and qn92b, including hdmi/usb ports, bluetooth and wifi connectivity.

We’ll also take an in-depth look at compatibility with external devices and the use of hdmi arc and earc. So, let’s dive in!

Comparison Of The Connectivity Features Of Samsung Qn90B And Qn92B

When comparing the connectivity features of the samsung qn90b and qn92b, there are a few key differences to keep in mind:

  • The qn92b has an additional hdmi 2.1 port compared to the qn90b, which makes a total of four hdmi ports. With hdmi 2.1, you’ll be able to enjoy higher frame rates and resolutions, making it perfect for gaming enthusiasts or those who like to stream content.
  • Both the qn90b and qn92b come with four usb ports, which is great for connecting external devices such as gaming consoles and streaming devices. These ports are also helpful for charging your mobile devices.
  • The qn92b also has an additional 2.0-channel audio output, bringing the total number of audio outputs to three. This is great for those who want to use external speakers or a soundbar to enhance their viewing experience.

Analysis Of Hdmi/Usb Ports, Bluetooth And Wifi Connectivity

When it comes to hdmi/usb ports, bluetooth and wifi connectivity, both the qn90b and qn92b have similar features:

  • Both tvs come with bluetooth connectivity, which is great for connecting wireless headphones, speakers, and other devices. This is especially handy if you want to watch tv late at night without disturbing others in the house.
  • Both the qn90b and qn92b also come with built-in wifi, which allows you to connect to your home network for streaming content from popular services like netflix and hulu. Wifi connectivity also allows for firmware updates, which can improve the functionality and performance of your tv over time.

In-Depth Evaluation Of Compatibility With External Devices And The Use Of Hdmi Arc And Earc

When it comes to compatibility with external devices and the use of hdmi arc and earc, both the qn90b and qn92b excel:

  • Both tvs are compatible with a wide range of external devices, including gaming consoles, soundbars, and streaming devices. This is thanks to the multiple hdmi and usb ports.
  • Both tvs also feature hdmi arc and earc, which allow you to connect the tv directly to a soundbar or home theater system. This simplifies the setup process and ensures you get the best possible sound quality.

When comparing the connectivity features of the samsung qn90b and qn92b, the qn92b has a few extra features worth considering, such as the additional hdmi 2. 1 port and audio output. However, both tvs excel in terms of bluetooth and wifi connectivity, as well as compatibility with external devices and the use of hdmi arc and earc.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to your specific needs and preferences.

Pricing And Value

Samsung has always been a popular brand when it comes to electronics, and their qn90b and qn92b models have been the topic of discussion for many tech enthusiasts. While they are both excellent models, choosing the right one can be a bit confusing, especially when it comes to pricing and value.

In this section, we will analyze the cost vs. value of both models and compare them with similar range models from other brands.

Analysis Of Cost Vs. Value For Both Models:

  • The samsung qn90b comes with a price tag of $$$$, while the qn92b is priced at $$$$$.
  • The qn90b is a good value for money as it comes with 4k resolution, ai upscaling, and a 120hz refresh rate that takes your viewing experience to the next level.
  • The qn92b, on the other hand, comes with more advanced features, including a wider viewing angle and even better image processing. However, it is a bit expensive compared to the qn90b.
  • If you are on a budget, the qn90b is a great choice, but if you want the best of the best, the qn92b is worth the extra investment.

Comparison With Competitive Models And Similar Range Models From Other Brands:

Samsung’s qn90b and qn92b are not the only options available in the market. There are many other competitive models from different brands, such as sony, lg, and vizio. Here is a comparison with some of the similar range models from these brands:

  • Sony x950h: This is an excellent 4k hdr tv that offers a great viewing experience. It has a similar price tag to the qn90b, but it lacks some of the advanced features such as ai upscaling and 120hz refresh rate.
  • Lg cx: This oled tv is an excellent competitor to the qn92b. It comes with advanced features such as a wider viewing angle and better color accuracy. However, it is more expensive than the qn92b.
  • Vizio p-series quantum x: This is another excellent tv with a similar price range to the qn90b. It has a 4k resolution, 120hz refresh rate, and quantum color. However, it lacks advanced features like ai upscaling.

Both the samsung qn90b and qn92b models offer excellent value for money. Choosing the right one depends on your budget and preferences. If you are on a tight budget, the qn90b is a great option, but if you are looking for a premium viewing experience, the qn92b is worth the extra investment.

When comparing with other brands, it is evident that samsung offers some of the best features and value for money in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions On Samsung Qn90B Vs Qn92B

What Are The Differences Between Samsung Qn90B And Qn92B?

The main difference between samsung qn90b and qn92b is that the qn92b has a higher peak brightness and a wider viewing angle. It also supports higher frame rates and has a lower input lag, making it a better choice for gamers.

Are There Any Similarities Between Samsung Qn90B And Qn92B?

Yes, both samsung qn90b and qn92b are 4k tvs that come in different sizes. They also use quantum dot technology and support similar features such as voice control, smart apps, and bluetooth connectivity.

Which Tv Is Better For Watching Sports?

Both samsung qn90b and qn92b are great options for watching sports, but the qn92b may be a better choice due to its wider viewing angle and higher peak brightness. These features can help you see every detail of the action, even in bright daylight.

Is Samsung Qn92B Worth The Extra Cost Over Qn90B?

It depends on your needs and budget. If you are a gamer or want the best viewing experience, the qn92b is worth the extra cost due to its improved features. However, if you are on a budget or don’t need the extra features, the qn90b is still a great option.

Can Samsung Qn90B And Qn92B Be Wall-Mounted?

Yes, both samsung qn90b and qn92b can be wall-mounted using a vesa-compatible wall mount. There are also various wall mounting options available depending on your preferences and the size of the tv.


After analyzing the samsung qn90b vs qn92b, it’s clear that both models are exceptional and advanced in their own right. The qn92b is a step above the qn90b due to its advanced features like object tracking sound+, which makes the audio experience more immersive, and its sleeker design.

However, the qn90b is not lacking in features either. Its quantum processor 4k helps create sharper and more detailed images, while its quantum hdr 16x display technology enhances color and contrast. Whether you choose the samsung qn90b or qn92b, you will have a top-of-the-line tv that enhances your viewing experience.

Both models provide you with excellent picture quality, sound, and overall performance. It ultimately comes down to personal preferences and budget. Therefore, select the model that best suits your needs and provides you with the ultimate tv viewing experience.

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