Battle of the Hi-Fi Titans: Marantz Pm8006 Vs Audiolab 6000A

The marantz pm8006 and the audiolab 6000a are both high-quality integrated amplifiers known for their excellent sound performance. Choosing between the two will depend on personal preferences, but in terms of technical specifications, the audiolab 6000a has more input options and a built-in dac, while the marantz pm8006 has a more powerful output and a phono input for vinyl enthusiasts.

Ultimately, both amplifiers offer superb sound quality and features that will satisfy even the most discerning audiophiles.

Battle of the Hi-Fi Titans: Marantz Pm8006 Vs Audiolab 6000A


Meet The Titans: Marantz Pm8006 Vs Audiolab 6000A

Brief Description Of Each Company And Their History

Marantz is a japanese company that designs and produces high-quality audio equipment. Founded in 1953, the company has been providing top-notch audio solutions for over 60 years. Marantz is renowned for its unique design and engineering of high-end audio products, aimed at discerning audiophiles and music lovers.

On the other hand, audiolab originates from the uk and was founded in the early 1980s. The company’s mission is to create audio products that deliver transparent, uncolored, and accurate sound. Audiolab has established itself as a leading authority in the realm of high-end audio and is admired for its milestone achievements in audio engineering.

Explanation Of Why These Two Products Are Considered To Be Titans Of The Industry

Marantz pm8006 and audiolab 6000a are considered titans of the industry because of their exceptional features and their ability to deliver audiophile-grade sound quality. Here are the reasons for their status:

Marantz Pm8006

  • It has a powerful audiophile-grade amplifier with a power output of 70 watts per channel that can drive even the most demanding speakers with ease.
  • It has an excellent phono stage with high s/n ratio that provides detailed and accurate sound reproduction.
  • Marantz pm8006 features the renowned marantz hdam technology, which provides ultra-fast and high-quality signal processing.
  • The amplifier has a large toroidal transformer, which provides stable power supply and reduces noise effectively.
  • It has a built-in dac that supports hi-res audio files up to 192khz/24bit and is compatible with various digital audio sources.

Audiolab 6000A

  • It features a powerful class ab amplifier that provides a power output of 50 watts per channel rms, ensuring distortion-free, clear and punchy sound.
  • It utilizes an ess sabre32 es9018k2m dac chip, which provides high-resolution audio playback up to 384khz/32bit and has an ultra-low distortion output.
  • It has a phono stage that can accommodate both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges.
  • The amplifier has a pair of balanced xlr inputs alongside four rca line inputs able to accommodate a wide range of audio sources.
  • It has a dedicated headphone amplifier that provides high-quality sound with almost no noise or distortion.

The marantz pm8006 and audiolab 6000a are two giants in the audio industry, each with unique design, engineering, and features. While marantz pm8006 is more classical in design and offers more powerful amplification, the audiolab 6000a provides a precisely detailed and distortion-free sound.

Anyone looking for the best audiophile-grade sound quality should not look beyond these two titans of the industry.

Build Quality And Design

Marantz pm8006 vs audiolab 6000a: detailed examination of build quality and design

When it comes to hi-fi audio equipment, the build quality and design are just as important as the sound quality. In this section, we will take a detailed look at the marantz pm8006 and audiolab 6000a to examine their build quality and design to help you make an informed decision when choosing between these two products.

Detailed Examination Of The Build Quality And Design Of The Marantz Pm8006

The marantz pm8006 boasts a high-quality construction that consists of:

  • Heavy-duty chassis made of rigid die-cast aluminum for better stability and rigidity
  • Thick brushed aluminum front panel for solid and durable feel
  • Dual layer bottom plate for effective vibration resistance

Here are some of the design features of marantz pm8006:

  • The symmetrical circuit design allows for balanced signal transmission.
  • It comes with a dedicated phono input.
  • The front panel includes an input source and volume control knob and a clear white backlight.

Detailed Examination Of The Build Quality And Design Of The Audiolab 6000A

Audiolab takes pride in the construction of its products. The audiolab 6000a features:

  • A high-quality metal casing with a brushed finish
  • A double-skinned thick metal front panel
  • Four sturdy feet for additional vibration isolation

Here are some of the design features of audiolab 6000a:

  • It has an on-board dac with usb input for digital music playback.
  • The front panel is stylishly designed and includes an led display.
  • The amplifier is home to a class ab power amplifier section that provides exceptional sound quality.

Comparison Of The Build Quality Of Both Products

  • Both the marantz pm8006 and audiolab 6000a are well-built and feature high-quality construction materials.
  • The marantz pm8006’s die-cast aluminum chassis makes it more stable, while the audiolab 6000a’s double-skinned metal front panel provides additional rigidity and vibration isolation.

Comparison Of The Design Of Both Products

  • The marantz pm8006 has a classic look with a brushed aluminum front panel, clear white backlight for the inputs, and volume control knob.
  • The audiolab 6000a, on the other hand, features a stylish design with a brushed finish and an led display on the front panel.
  • The marantz pm8006 has a dedicated phono input, while the audiolab 6000a features an on-board dac with a usb input.

Both the marantz pm8006 and audiolab 6000a are well-built and stylish amplifiers with unique design features. However, the marantz pm8006 might be a better choice for those with a turntable setup, while the audiolab 6000a provides exceptional digital music playback with its on-board dac.

Ultimately, the decision between these two products will come down to personal preference and specific needs.

Features And Specifications

Detailed Examination Of The Features And Specifications Of The Marantz Pm8006

The marantz pm8006 is a high-performing amplifier that offers a range of features that make it stand out from the competition.

  • Power output: An impressive 70 watts per channel with 8-ohm speakers or 100 watts per channel with 4-ohm speakers.
  • Hdam (hyper dynamic amplifier module) technology: Ensures that the sound quality is not compromised, resulting in a crystal-clear sound output regardless of genre.
  • Inputs and outputs: Comes with a range of inputs and outputs, including a phono input for connecting a turntable, optical and coaxial digital inputs, and has four sets of rca inputs as well as two sets of rca outputs.
  • Pre-out functionality: Lets you connect an external amplifier or subwoofer, which enhances the audio experience further.
  • Maximum compatibility: Compatible with a range of speakers, especially with marantz’ own and other high-end speakers.

Detailed Examination Of The Features And Specifications Of The Audiolab 6000A

The audiolab 6000a is a sleek and aesthetically appealing amplifier that offers several exciting features.

  • Power output: A robust 50 watts per channel for both 8-ohm and 4-ohm speakers.
  • Digital-to-analog converter (dac): High-quality burr brown 32-bit dac to ensure an outstanding sound output.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Easily connects to any bluetooth compatible device to stream music easily.
  • Amplification circuitry: Features an integrated amplifier with class a/b amplification, which maintains a very low distortion rate, keeping the signal clear and preserving the original content.
  • 6 inputs and 2 output options: The various inputs and outputs of the amp provide it immense flexibility like mm/mc phono, 3.5 mm auxiliary, usb, and digital inputs including coaxial or optical.

Comparison Of The Features And Specifications Of Both Products

When comparing the two amplifiers, there are significant differences in terms of power output and accessories.

  • Power: With 70 watts per channel with 8-ohm speakers or 100 watts per channel with 4-ohm speakers, the marantz pm8006 offers more power than the audiolab 6000a, which provides only 50 watts per channel for both 8-ohm and 4-ohm. Hence, the marantz amplifier provides more accurately reproduced sound without distortion.
  • Connectivity: The audiolab 6000a has bluetooth connectivity facility and a more extensive range of inputs such as aux, mm/mc phono, digital inputs, and usb inputs that offer greater flexibility in connecting external devices. In comparison, the marantz pm8006 offers more outputs, allowing it to connect easily to an external amplifier and subwoofer.

Explanation Of The Benefits Of Each Feature And Specification

The features and specifications presented in both the amplifiers offer benefits to users depending on their preferences, musical taste and speakers.

  • Power output: A higher power output offers a boosted sound performance that requires more demanding speakers or listening venues.
  • Inputs and outputs: If a user has more devices, such as headphones, turntables, or cd players, requiring the input, the audiolab 6000a offers a more comprehensive range of inputs that suits all their needs. The marantz pm8006 better serves those who would like to use an external preamp and crossover to improve their audio setup further.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Offering bluetooth connectivity benefits the audiophiles who use mobile devices or laptops to stream music more easily and quickly.
  • Amplification circuitry: The quality of the amplification circuitry in both the amplifiers results in a crisp and clear sound output that is essential for an immersive audio experience.

The marantz pm8006 and the audiolab 6000a offer competitive features that separate them from other amplifiers available in the market. While the marantz has excellent power output and comes with pre-out functionality, the audiolab has more input flexibility and, with bluetooth compatibility, provides easier connectivity to mobile devices.

Sound Quality And Performance

Detailed Examination Of The Sound Quality And Performance Of The Marantz Pm8006

If you’re in the market for a high-quality amplifier, the marantz pm8006 is a powerful option that you may want to consider. Here’s a closer examination of the sound quality and performance of this model:

  • The pm8006 is built with a high-current amplifier with a massive toroidal power transformer. This design allows for an impressive 70 watts per channel even with low-impedance speakers.
  • The amplifier features hdam-sa3 circuits and current feedback technology, which provides a wide and dynamic soundstage while minimizing distortion.
  • The pm8006 also comes equipped with a high-performance phono stage, which provides exceptional audio for your vinyl collection.
  • By using proprietary marantz hyper dynamic amplifier module (hdam) technology, the pm8006 offers clear and accurate detail that can bring your music to life.
  • The pm8006 boasts a solid build quality, with copper-plated chassis and gold-plated inputs.
  • With bi-amping capability and a range of analog audio inputs, this amplifier is versatile and ready to create dynamic sound experiences for an array of music genres.

Detailed Examination Of The Sound Quality And Performance Of The Audiolab 6000A

The audiolab 6000a is another option for those searching for top-notch amplifiers. Here are its key features that contribute to its sound quality and performance:

  • The amplifier is built using class a/b amplification, which provides excellent sound with low distortion.
  • With the addition of a low-noise mm phono stage and dac (digital-to-analog converter), this model offers high-quality sound for digital and vinyl sources.
  • The 6000a has a neutral and transparent sound signature, allowing it to produce music faithfully without coloring the sound.
  • The amplifier has a range of inputs and outputs, including usb, coaxial, and optical digital audio inputs, as well as a preamp output and a headphone jack.
  • The 6000a has a high-quality build, featuring aluminum front panels, a steel chassis, and the metal volume control knob.
  • The amplifier has biwire speaker terminals, which can minimize resistance and enable diverse speaker combinations.

Comparison Of The Sound Quality And Performance Of Both Products

When it comes to a comparison between the marantz pm8006 and audiolab 6000a, the following should be noted:

  • Both amplifiers offer high-performance sound, with excellent detail and dynamics, as well as a high signal-to-noise ratio.
  • The pm8006 has a beefy power supply with high-current capability, making it suitable for challenging loudspeakers. The 6000a doesn’t have as much power but provides a transparent sound.
  • In terms of inputs, both amplifiers offer various analog and digital options. However, the 6000a’s dac provides more versatility in terms of digital audio streaming capabilities.
  • The pm8006 features a high-performance phono stage, which is rated better than the 6000a. So, if you’re a vinyl lover, you may want to lean towards the pm8006.
  • Both amplifiers have solid build quality, with features like aluminum front panels and steel chassis, ensuring longevity.

Analysis Of Sound Signature And Technical Performance

When it comes to the sound signature and technical performance of the marantz pm8006 and audiolab 6000a, there are some notable differences:

  • The marantz pm8006 has a warm, musical tone that is pleasing to the ear. It’s well suited for genres like jazz, blues, and rock.
  • The audiolab 6000a, on the other hand, has a very neutral and transparent sound signature, making it ideal for classical music and audiophiles who want their music to sound as close to the source material as possible.
  • Both amplifiers have minimal distortion to provide an enjoyable listening experience.
  • The pm8006 offers more power, while the 6000a has more in terms of digital streaming options.

Both the marantz pm8006 and the audiolab 6000a are excellent amplifiers, each with its unique set of strengths and weaknesses. It ultimately depends on personal preferences and what you’re seeking in an amplifier.

Frequently Asked Questions For Marantz Pm8006 Vs Audiolab 6000A

What Are The Key Differences Between The Marantz Pm8006 And The Audiolab 6000A?

The marantz pm8006 boasts excellent connectivity options, including an mm/mc phono input, balanced xlr inputs, and a range of digital inputs. The audiolab 6000a, on the other hand, emphasizes compatibility with its use of class ab amplifiers and high-quality transistors.

Which Receiver Has A Warmer Sound, The Pm8006, Or The 6000A?

Both the marantz pm8006 and audiolab 6000a offer an excellent audio experience; however, the marantz is slightly warmer than the 6000a. It’s worth noting that the sound quality can be further enhanced with the right choice of speakers.

Does The Audiolab Have A Built-In Phono Stage, Like The Pm8006?

Unlike the marantz, the audiolab 6000a doesn’t come with a built-in phono stage. Nevertheless, the 6000a is compatible with an external phono preamp, enabling users to achieve better sound quality when using a turntable.

How Does The Build Quality Compare Between The Pm8006 And 6000A?

Both the marantz pm8006 and audiolab 6000a boast excellent build quality. However, the pm8006’s tactile aluminum front panel and copper-plated chassis give it an aesthetic edge over the 6000a.

How Much Does The Marantz Pm8006 Weigh Compared To The Audiolab 6000A?

The marantz pm8006 weighs 26. 5 pounds, while the audiolab 6000a weighs 17. 6 pounds, which makes the marantz slightly heavier and gives it a more substantial feel. Nevertheless, both models are well-built and durable.


The marantz pm8006 and audiolab 6000a are both exceptional amplifiers with their unique features. Upon careful analysis, it’s evident that the marantz pm8006 has more power output, distortion-free music, more connectivity options, and a better build quality. The audiolab 6000a offers a more straightforward design, more affordable, a great dac chip, and a better room correction system.

Therefore, the question about which amplifier is the best between the two will largely come down to personal preference and needs. Nonetheless, both are excellent options, each with its distinctive strengths and weaknesses. Both amplifiers provide a superior listening experience, and it’s upon the user to select the one that matches their needs and budget.

Finally, choosing the right amplifier is a subjective matter. As an audiophile, it’s vital to consider your preferences, budget, and the features that matter most to you. Whether you select the marantz pm8006 or the audiolab 6000a, it’s crucial to know that you are getting a high-quality amplifier that delivers superior sound quality.

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