Hegel H95 Vs H120 : Which Amplifier Is the Ultimate Sound Machine?

The hegel h95 and h120 are high-end audio amplifiers with unique features catering to different needs. The h95 provides excellent power output, while the h120 offers more connectivity options, including hdmi arc and lan.

The hegel h95 and h120 stand out in the audio amplifier market as they offer sophisticated and distinctive features catering to different needs. The h95, with its powerful 60w output, is engineered to drive most speakers to their full potential.

The h120, on the other hand, has an additional suite of connectivity options, including hdmi arc and lan. Moreover, it provides better access to streaming services such as tidal, spotify, and airplay. In this article, we will highlight some key differences between the two amplifiers and provide a comprehensive analysis of which one is right for you.

Hegel H95 Vs H120  : Which Amplifier Is the Ultimate Sound Machine?

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Understanding Hegel H95 And H120

Overview Of Hegel H95 And H120 And Their Features

Hegel h95 and h120 are two amplifiers from the norwegian company, hegel. Both amplifiers have their own unique features that set them apart from each other. The hegel h95 is a mid-range integrated amplifier, while the hegel h120 is a more advanced streaming amplifier.

Some of the main features of the hegel h95 include:

  • 60 watts per channel
  • High-resolution dac
  • Compatibility with most speakers
  • Support for both apple airplay 2 and spotify connect
  • Option for a phono stage add-on

On the other hand, the hegel h120 has these features:

  • 75 watts per channel
  • Mqa-enabled dac
  • Built-in network streaming capabilities
  • Support for both apple airplay 2 and upnp
  • Optional remote control app

Technical Specifications And Differences Between The Two Amplifiers

The hegel h95 and h120 have a number of technical specifications that differentiate them from each other.

  • Power output: The hegel h95 has an output of 60 watts per channel, whereas the hegel h120 has an output of 75 watts per channel.
  • Dac: While both amplifiers have a high-quality dac, the hegel h120 has an mqa-enabled dac.
  • Streaming: The hegel h120 has built-in network streaming capabilities, while the hegel h95 does not.
  • Remote control app: The hegel h120 offers an optional remote control app, while the hegel h95 does not.

Design And Build Of The Two Amplifiers

The design and build of the hegel h95 and h120 is another area where they differ.

The hegel h95 has a classic and minimalist design with a brushed aluminum finish. It has a compact size that makes it ideal for smaller rooms or setups. The hegel h120 also has a brushed aluminum finish but has a larger form factor than the hegel h95.

When it comes to the build, both amplifiers are built to a high standard using high-quality components. The hegel h120 has a larger power supply than the hegel h95, which allows it to deliver more power to the speakers.

Overall, both the hegel h95 and h120 are great amplifiers that cater to different needs. If you are looking for a compact and high-performing amplifier, the hegel h95 is a great option. However, if you want a more advanced streaming amplifier with more power, the hegel h120 is the way to go.

Sound Quality: Which Amplifier Delivers The Best Sound?

Comparative Analysis Of Sound Quality Between Hegel H95 And H120

When it comes to high-fidelity music systems, sound quality is paramount. The hegel h95 and h120 amplifiers are both known for their exceptional sound quality, but which one truly delivers the best sound? Here is a comparison of their sound quality:

  • Both amplifiers offer a powerful, clean and detailed sound, producing a natural and uncolored tone.
  • The hegel h120 has a higher power output of 120 watts per channel, compared to 60 watts per channel on the h95.
  • The h95 has a better signal-to-noise ratio of 105 db, compared to 100 db on the h120.
  • However, the h120 has a higher damping factor which means it can drive speakers with more control, and hence deliver a tighter and more defined bass response.
  • In terms of sound stage imaging and separation, both amplifiers offer a spacious and well-defined sound stage, with the h120 having a slight edge with its higher power output.

Discussion Of The Components That Determine Sound Quality

The quality of sound produced by an amplifier is determined by several factors. These components include:

  • Amplifier circuit design: This is important as it affects the amplifier’s power, distortion levels and overall sound performance.
  • Power supply: A good power supply ensures that the amplifier has the required voltage and current to deliver a strong and clear sound
  • Digital-to-analog converter (dac): This component ensures that digital music files are accurately converted to analog signals that can be amplified and played through speakers. An efficient dac helps retain the quality of the original sound.
  • Capacitors, resistors, and transistors: These components affect an amplifier’s frequency response, noise level, and distortion level.

Overview Of How Hegel H95 And H120 Handle Different Genres Of Music

Although both amplifiers deliver high-quality sound, they handle different genres of music with a slightly different approach:

  • The hegel h95 offers a more neutral and balanced sound, making it well-suited for classical or jazz music as it enhances their intricate details without compromising their tonal balance.
  • The hegel h120, on the other hand, offers a slightly richer and warmer sound which makes it better suited for rock, pop or electronic music as it brings out their fullness and depth.
  • Despite this differentiation, both amplifiers can handle any music genre in a way that delivers clear, detailed and powerful sound without compromising on the quality.

Compatibility With Different Devices

The hegel h95 and h120 are two impressive integrated amplifiers known for their high-quality performance. When it comes to compatibility with different devices, there are some differences between the two. This section will explore the compatibility of the h95 and h120 with different devices, the implications of compatibility on sound quality, and the advantages and disadvantages of choosing one over the other based on device compatibility.

Comparison Of Hegel H95 And H120’S Compatibility With Different Devices

The hegel h95 and h120 have similar compatibility with different devices. They both have a range of inputs, including usb, coaxial, and optical inputs. However, the h120 has an additional hdmi input that is not present in the h95. This hdmi input allows the h120 to connect to devices such as a blu-ray player or a game console.

Overall, the h120 has slightly better compatibility with different devices than the h95.

Implications Of Compatibility On Sound Quality

Device compatibility can have a significant impact on sound quality. When an amplifier is properly matched with a device, it can produce a clean and accurate sound. However, if there is a mismatch between the amplifier and the device, it can result in a distorted or weak sound.

Therefore, it is important to choose an amplifier that is compatible with your chosen devices to achieve the best sound quality.

Discussion Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Choosing One Amplifier Over The Other Based On Device Compatibility

Advantages of choosing hegel h95 over h120 based on device compatibility:

  • The h95 is a more affordable option than the h120, making it a budget-friendly amplifier.
  • The h95 has a smaller footprint than the h120, which makes it an ideal choice for small spaces or those who prefer a more compact amplifier.

Disadvantages of choosing hegel h95 over h120 based on device compatibility:

  • The h95 does not have an hdmi input like the h120, which limits its compatibility with certain devices.
  • The h95 does not have as many features as the h120, making it less versatile than its counterpart.

Advantages of choosing hegel h120 over h95 based on device compatibility:

  • The h120 has an hdmi input that allows it to connect to devices such as blu-ray players and gaming consoles, making it a more versatile amplifier.
  • The h120 has more features than the h95, including a headphone amplifier and a network streaming module.

Disadvantages of choosing hegel h120 over h95 based on device compatibility:

  • The h120 is more expensive than the h95, making it a less budget-friendly option.
  • The h120 has a larger footprint than the h95, which may not be ideal for those with limited space.

The hegel h95 and h120 are both excellent integrated amplifiers that deliver high-quality sound. When it comes to device compatibility, the h120 has a slight advantage over the h95 due to its additional hdmi input. However, the choice ultimately depends on personal needs and preferences, and both amplifiers offer their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Value For Money: Which Amplifier Offers The Best Bang For Your Buck?

The hegel h95 and h120 amplifiers are two popular choices in the market for audiophiles looking for high-quality sound. Both amplifiers have unique features that complement their exceptional performance. However, when it comes to the value for money proposition, it can be difficult to decide which one offers better bang for your buck.

In this blog post, we will compare the price and value proposition of the hegel h95 and h120 amplifiers and analyze customer reviews to determine which one offers the best value.

Comparison Of The Price And Value Proposition Of Hegel H95 And H120

The price of the hegel h95 is relatively lower than that of the hegel h120. The hegel h95 retails at $2000, while the hegel h120 costs around $3500. Both devices offer excellent value for the price, but the h120 offers slight improvements over the h95.

While both amplifiers have a toroidal transformer design, the hegel h120 amplifier has more power output than the h95 amplifier with 2 x 175w into 8 ohms compared to 2 x 60w. The h120 has 3 analogue rca inputs while h95 has only two, and the h120 also has gigabit ethernet lan and ip control.

Overall, the h120 is more versatile than the hegel h95. The amplifier has more dynamic range and a more powerful output, making it the better choice for larger rooms.

Overview Of The Features And Components That Justify The Price Difference

The hegel h120 is a premium amplifier that justifies its higher price range through its premium features. The h120 has a dual-mono design with separate power supplies and amplifier circuits for the left and right channels. The design reduces crosstalk and noise, increasing the clarity and fidelity of the sound.

The h120 also has a built-in dac, which uses a high-quality ak4490 dac chip to convert digital audio signals into analog signals, maintaining the audio quality. The amplifier also supports native dsd formats, which offers exceptional audio quality.

In contrast, the h95 offers excellent sound quality, but its simpler design justifies its lower price range. The h95 has a single power supply design and no built-in dac, but it can still deliver excellent audio output suitable for most music genres.

Customer Reviews And Feedback On The Value For Money Proposition Of Each Amplifier

A majority of the customers who have purchased the hegel h95 amplifier have been satisfied with their purchase. They consider it a high-performing amplifier that is worth the money they paid for it. The amplifier is easy to set up and delivers exceptional audio quality that suits their needs.

On the other hand, the hegel h120 has received positive feedback from its customers, who consider it a premium amplifier that meets their high expectations. Buyers have praised the h120 for its powerful output and versatility, with some considering it a game-changer in the audiophile community.

While both the hegel h95 and h120 amplifiers offer excellent value for the price, the h120 justifies its higher price range through its premium features and high-quality performance. However, if you are on a budget and don’t require the premium features of the h120, the hegel h95 is an excellent choice that delivers exceptional value for the money.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Hegel H95 Vs H120

What Is Hegel H95 Capable Of?

The hegel h95 delivers 60 watts of power per channel, high-resolution audio playback, and a built-in dac with support for multiple inputs. It is capable of driving most bookshelf and floor-standing speakers, making it a great option for mid-sized listening spaces.

What Makes Hegel H120 Different From H95?

The hegel h120 produces 75 watts of power per channel and includes several new features such as airplay 2, a higher-quality dac, and a more advanced streaming platform. It also supports mqa playback, making it a great option for those looking for a high-end streaming experience.

Which Amplifier Is More Suitable For Larger Rooms?

The hegel h120 is a better option for larger listening spaces as it produces more power and includes additional features such as room correction which can help improve the sound quality in challenging rooms.

Does H95 Or H120 Support Bluetooth And Wi-Fi?

Both the hegel h95 and h120 support wi-fi and ethernet connectivity, but only the h120 includes bluetooth connectivity as well. This can be useful for quickly connecting your phone or tablet to play music.

What Kind Of Speakers Are Recommended For The Hegel Amplifiers?

Both hegel h95 and h120 can drive most speakers including bookshelf and floor-standing speakers from leading brands such as bowers & wilkins, dynaudio, kef, and more. It’s best to match the amplifier with speakers based on your room size and personal taste in sound.


As we come to the end of this comparison between hegel h95 and h120, it is crystal clear that both of these amplifiers offer remarkable sound quality with outstanding features. They are perfect for audiophiles, music enthusiasts, and anyone who values vibrant, powerful sound.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, power output requirements, and budget. The hegel h95 is more affordable and compact, while the h120 offers more power and slightly better performance. However, regardless of which one you choose, you can be assured of getting an amplifier that will exceed your expectations in terms of sound quality and features.

Thank you for reading this post, and we hope it helps you make an informed decision on which hegel amplifier is right for you.

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