Hegel H190 Vs H390: Which Amp Reigns Supreme?

The hegel h190 and h390 are two integrated amplifiers that differ in power output and price. The h390 has more power and features than the h190, but comes at a higher cost.

Hegel is a well-known norwegian audio company that makes high-quality audio gear. The h190 and h390 are two of their integrated amplifier models that have been compared by audiophiles. While the two amps share many similarities, they differ significantly in terms of power and price.

The h190 is a more affordable option with a power output of 150 watts per channel, while the h390 comes at a higher cost and has a power output of 250 watts per channel. Additionally, the h390 has more features, such as a built-in dac and streaming capabilities. This article will delve deeper into the similarities and differences of the h190 and h390 to help you make an informed decision about which one to choose.

Hegel H190 Vs H390: Which Amp Reigns Supreme?

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Understanding The Difference Between Hegel H190 And H390

Overview Of The Hegel H190 And H390 Models

Hegel is one of the most recognized names in the audio equipment industry. They are well-known for producing high-quality amplifiers, among other products. Two of their top models are hegel h190 and h390. Here’s what you need to know about them:

  • H190 is a compact and directional amplifier, perfect for small-to-medium-sized rooms. It comes with a built-in phono stage for turntables, bluetooth, and a dedicated headphone output.
  • H390, on the other hand, is designed for larger rooms and home theatres. It is equipped with 250 watts per channel, a network streaming device, and airplay 2 compatibility.

Specifications Of H190 And H390 Amplifiers

The specifications of the hegel h190 and h390 amplifiers are critical when choosing the right device for your needs. Here are the key elements:

  • Hegel h190 has a power output of 150 watts per channel at 8 ohms, with a distortion rate of less than 0.01%. It also has a frequency range of 5 hz to 100 khz, making it ideal for a range of audio sources.
  • Hegel h390 produces 250 watts per channel at 8 ohms, with a distortion rate of 0.005%. It also features a frequency range of 5 hz to 100 khz. The device is equipped with a network streaming device, which recently upgraded to include apple airplay 2 compatibility.

Why Choose H190 Versus H390?

The decision to choose between the hegel h190 and h390 amplifiers depends on individual needs. Here are some crucial factors to consider in choosing between the two:

  • Room size: H190 is best suited for small-to-medium-sized rooms, while h390 is perfect for larger home theatres.
  • Power output: H390 is superior to h190 in terms of power output, making it a better option for larger spaces.
  • Streaming capabilities: If network streaming and airplay 2 compatibility are important, h390 is the best choice. H190 has bluetooth inclusions without network streaming.

What Factors To Consider When Choosing Between H190 And H390?

Choosing the right amplifier for your needs is critical. Here are some factors to consider for your hegel h190 vs h390 decision:

  • Room size and speaker type: Selecting the right amplifier that matches your room size and speakers is essential.
  • Power output: Power output determines how loud the amplifier can play and impacts the speakers’ performance.
  • Audio source: The hegel h190’s built-in phono stage, for turntables, may be an advantage for vinyl lovers.
  • Streaming services: The streaming device’s capabilities are crucial, such as airplay 2 compatibility, for a seamless music streaming experience.

The hegel h190 and h390 both offer unique advantages, and choosing the best amplifier depends on individual needs. Consider the size of the room, power output, audio source, and streaming services before making a choice.

Sound Quality Comparison Between Hegel H190 And H390

Exploring The Sound Signatures Of H190 And H390

When comparing the sound quality of the hegel h190 and h390 amplifiers, it’s crucial to analyze each unit’s unique audio characteristics or sound signatures.

  • The h190 features a warm, clear, and dynamic sound that’s perfect for music lovers who prefer a rich midrange and tight bass.
  • The h390, on the other hand, delivers a more natural and neutral sound signature that’s ideal for audiophiles who prefer a more transparent sound with a wider soundstage.

How Do H190 And H390 Perform At Various Volume Levels?

It’s imperative to test the performance of both amplifiers at different volume levels to determine each unit’s capability to deliver high-quality sound in any situation. Here’s a breakdown of how the h190 and h390 perform at different volume levels:

  • At low to medium levels, both amplifiers deliver clear sound with excellent detail and depth. However, the h390 tends to perform better with instrument separation and sound imaging due to its wider soundstage.
  • At higher volume levels, both amplifiers maintain their audio clarity with minimal distortion. However, the h190 performs slightly better with bass-heavy tracks, while the h390 handles midrange frequencies better without muddying or losing clarity.

What Are The General Pros And Cons Of H190 And H390 In Terms Of Sound Quality?

To ensure that users get the best sound quality from their amplifiers, it’s vital to consider the general pros and cons of the h190 and h390 units.

Hegel h190 pros:

  • Delivers warm and dynamic sound with clarity and detailed midrange
  • Solid bass response and ideal for bass-heavy tracks
  • Excellent audio engineering and ample connectivity options

Hegel h190 cons:

  • Limited headphone amplifier power
  • Limited balanced input options
  • No full-frequency eq

Hegel h390 pros:

  • Delivers natural and neutral sound with a wider soundstage
  • Improved instrument separation and imaging
  • Abundant connectivity options and audio engineering

Hegel h390 cons:

  • Lacks additional bass-pressure
  • Runs warm on high volume.
  • It’s expensive

Comparing The H190 And H390 Amplifier’S Compatibility With Different Speakers And Headphones.

Apart from sound quality, it’s essential to test the compatibility of both amplifiers with different headphone and speaker types to ensure users get the best performance with whatever brands they choose to use.

  • The hegel h190 amplifier works best with floor-standing speakers with an impedance ranging between 4-8 ohms, delivering stable sound quality. However, its low headphone amplifier power may be inadequate for high-impedance headphones.
  • The hegel h390 amplifier works exceptionally well with nearly every speaker type, as its amplifier power can comfortably accommodate different impendence loads. Additionally, the h390 features a high-quality headphone amplifier that can drive nearly any headphone impedance, making it a versatile option for music lovers.

Overall, while the h190 and h390 amplifiers are both exceptional options, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and the type of music that users seek to enjoy. The h190 is best for people who love rich midrange and bass, while the h390 is suitable for audiophiles who prefer natural and transparent sound.


Features And Functionality Comparison Between Hegel H190 And H390

Hegel music systems is known for its premium-quality music equipment, and the hegel h190 and h390 amplifiers are no exception. These sound systems are packed with impressive features and functionality, and it’s worth comparing them to determine which one suits your needs best.

What Are The Main Differences In Features Between H190 And H390?

Both h190 and h390 are designed to deliver incredible sound quality but differ significantly in the following areas:

  • Power output: H390 delivers 250 watts per channel, while h190 is rated at 150 watts per channel.
  • Dac performance: With an improved dac performance, h390 provides better audio decoding.
  • Dual power supplies: The h390 model differs from h190 by having dual transformers and power supplies, leading to better sound quality.
  • Additional inputs/outputs: The h390 has a built-in headphone amplifier, hd bluetooth, and xlr inputs, which h190 doesn’t offer.

How Do H190 And H390 Compare In Terms Of Inputs And Outputs?

Both models offer an extraordinary selection of inputs to connect various devices. Here’s what you can expect:

Inputs available on both h190 and h390:

  • Spdif coaxial/optical
  • Rca unbalanced
  • Usb

Inputs uniquely available on h390:

  • Xlr balanced
  • Hd bluetooth
  • Ethernet

Outputs available on both h190 and h390:

  • Rca pre-out

Outputs uniquely available on h390:

  • Headphone amplifier
  • 2 pairs of speaker outputs
  • Xlr balanced

What Are The Overall Benefits Of H190 And H390’S Features And Functionality?

Both h190 and h390 models offer high-quality sound, but h390 has more features, making it a better choice for the audiophile who requires more power and connectivity options. The built-in headphone amplifier and balanced xlr inputs/outputs can be particularly significant for the music enthusiast.

Why Should You Invest In H190 Or H390?

Here are some reasons why hegel h190 and h390 are a worth the investment:

  • Delivering exceptional sound quality, they reproduce music with great clarity, detail, and dynamics.
  • Multiple inputs and outputs to connect a wide range of music sources to improve your listening experience.
  • With the built-in amplifiers and dac, you don’t need additional equipment to get started.
  • H390 is highly recommended for those looking for high-end equipment due to its power, performance, and connection types.

Hegel h190 and h390 amplifiers give you an immersive listening experience with high-performance components and excellent build quality. With their impressive features and audio performance, they are worth every penny.

User Experience Comparison Between Hegel H190 And H390

Hegel H190 Vs H390: User Experience Comparison

When it comes to purchasing an amplifier, the user experience matters as much as the sound. After all, you want your investment to be as easy to set up and use as possible. Hegel has always been a trusted name when it comes to audio equipment, and their h190 and h390 amplifiers come with user interfaces that enable you to configure them with exceptional ease.

We will analyze the overall user experience of both models, examine the differences in their user interfaces, evaluate how easy they are to set up and use, and address any common user complaints or issues with either model.

Analyzing The Overall User Experience Of H190 And H390

Both the h190 and h390 feature user interfaces that are clear, intuitive, and minimalistic. The home screen displays the input, volume, and other settings in a straightforward layout that’s easy to understand. The sleek design and quality construction of both models add to the user experience, providing a sense of luxury and durability that makes them a pleasure to own.

What Are The Main Differences In User Interfaces Between H190 And H390?

  • The h390 features a larger display than the h190, making it easier to see and configure the settings.
  • The h390’s menu is more extensive, providing a more comprehensive range of customization options than the h190.

How Easy Is It To Set Up And Use H190 Versus H390?

  • The h190 is easy to set up and navigate, thanks to its simple interface and intuitive design.
  • The h390 has more extensive settings that require extra attention during setup, but the extra time spent configuring the settings is well worth the result you get in sound quality.

Have There Been Any Common User Complaints Or Issues With H190 Or H390?

The hegel h190 and h390 have been highly regarded in reviews for their quality of sound and user experience. There have been no common user complaints or issues with either model, which is testament to how much care and attention has been paid to the design and build of these amplifiers.

The hegel h190 and h390 amplifiers both offer an amazing user experience. The h390 offers a more extensive range of customization options, making it a great choice for audiophiles who want to fine-tune their sound to their liking. On the other hand, the h190 is easy to use and has a simple interface that is perfect for those who want to plug and play.

Regardless of your choice, hegel amplifiers are an investment that guarantees superior sound quality and an exceptional user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions On Hegel H190 Vs H390

What Is The Difference Between Hegel H190 And H390?

Hegel h390 is an upgrade to h190 in terms of power output, built-in dac, and streaming capabilities. H390 delivers more power (250 watts per channel) compared to h190 (150 watts per channel) and comes with a built-in mqa-enabled dac and full support for roon and spotify connect.

Is It Worth Upgrading From Hegel H190 To H390?

If you are looking to upgrade your audio system and need more power, the h390 is worth considering. The built-in dac and streaming capabilities also make it a great all-in-one solution. However, if you do not need the extra power or the additional features, the h190 is still an excellent integrated amplifier.

Which Speakers Are Suitable For Hegel H190 And H390?

Both h190 and h390 can power a wide range of speakers, but it’s important to consider their power handling and sensitivity. Speakers with sensitivity of 90db or higher and handling power of 100 watts or more are ideal. Some popular speaker options include kef ls50, b&w 804 d3, and dynaudio excite x34.

Can Hegel H190 And H390 Be Used As A Preamp?

Both h190 and h390 have a preamp section, which can be used to connect to a power amplifier or active speakers with their own built-in amplification. However, if you only need a preamp, it might be more suitable and cost-effective to look for a dedicated preamp instead.

Do Hegel H190 And H390 Support Bluetooth?

Both h190 and h390 have bluetooth connectivity, but to use it, you need to purchase an additional bluetooth dongle (sold separately). This allows you to stream audio wirelessly from your phone or other bluetooth-enabled devices.


As we come to the end of this comparison between the hegel h190 and h390, it’s important to remember that neither amplifier is inherently better than the other. Each has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, and the right choice ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences.

That being said, both the h190 and h390 represent the pinnacle of hegel’s integrated amplifier technology, offering unparalleled sound quality, power, and flexibility. Whether you’re a casual listener or a serious audiophile, you can’t go wrong with either of these incredible amplifiers.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which is best suited to your needs. We hope that this comparison has given you a better understanding of the similarities and differences between the h190 and h390, and has helped you make an informed decision.

Thank you for reading, and happy listening!

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