Battle of the Titans: Arcam SA30 vs Hegel H120

The arcam sa30 and hegel h120 are both powerful, high-end integrated amplifiers. The main difference between them is that the hegel h120 has a more neutral, transparent sound, while the arcam sa30 has a warmer, more dynamic sound.

In terms of features, the sa30 has more digital options, including built-in streaming services and a dedicated app, whereas the h120 has more analog inputs and a more minimalist design. Ultimately, choosing between the two will depend on your personal preference for sound and the specific features you are looking for in an amplifier.

Battle of the Titans: Arcam SA30 vs Hegel H120


Design And Build Quality

Arcam Sa30 Vs Hegel H120: Design And Build Quality

When it comes to choosing a high-end amplifier, the design and build quality are two factors that cannot be overlooked. The arcam sa30 and the hegel h120 are among the top-rated amplifiers in the market. Let’s compare the two based on their design and build quality.

Materials Used In Construction

The materials used in construction play a crucial role in determining the durability of the amplifier. The arcam sa30 is constructed using high-quality aluminum and steel, making it a robust and sturdy device. On the other hand, the hegel h120 is built using a combination of aluminum and steel, which gives it a stylish and sleek look.

Dimensions And Weight

The dimensions and weight of the amplifier are also important to consider if you plan to place it in a specific spot. The arcam sa30 measures 430 x 87 x 375mm and weighs 16kg, making it a relatively large device that requires ample space.

On the other hand, the hegel h120 measures 80 x 430 x 370mm and weighs 5. 5kg, making it a compact device that can easily fit in small spaces.

User Interface And Navigation

The user interface and navigation of an amplifier should be user-friendly and easy to understand. The arcam sa30 features a large touchscreen display that enables users to navigate seamlessly through the settings. It also has a comprehensive remote control that allows for easy access to all features.

The hegel h120, on the other hand, has a minimalistic interface with a small screen and a rotary dial for navigation.

Overall, both the arcam sa30 and the hegel h120 have their own unique design and build that cater to different preferences. While the sa30 has a robust construction and a large display, the h120 has a sleek and compact design with minimalistic features.

Choose the one that suits your needs and preferences, and you won’t be disappointed.

Amplification And Audio Performance

Arcam Sa30 Vs Hegel H120: Amplification And Audio Performance

When you’re on the lookout for a top-quality amplifier, the arcam sa30 and the hegel h120 are two models that you might consider. Both amplifiers rank high in the sound quality category, but they do have some differences. We’ll explore the amplification and audio performance aspects of these two units, focusing on their power output and impedance, thd and s/n ratio, frequency response and dynamic range, audio processing, and codec support.

Power Output And Impedance

  • The arcam sa30 provides 120 watts per channel for 8 ohms impedance, while the hegel h120 delivers 75 watts per channel at 8 ohms.
  • The arcam sa30 does an impressive job of handling all types of impedance loads, from 4 ohms to 16 ohms.
  • On the other hand, the hegel h120 can accommodate speakers with a minimum 2-ohm impedance straight out of the box.

Thd And S/N Ratio

  • Both amps offer low thd (total harmonic distortion) levels and high signal-to-noise (s/n) ratios, making them great choices for audiophiles.
  • The arcam sa30 has a thd rating of 0.002% and an s/n ratio of 107db, while the hegel h120 has a thd rating of 0.0015% and an s/n ratio of 100db.

Frequency Response And Dynamic Range

  • In terms of frequency response, both devices are neck and neck. The sa30 has a range of 10 hz – 20 khz, while the h120 offers 5 hz – 100 khz.
  • The hegel h120 boasts a dynamic range of 120 db, significantly higher than the sa30’s dynamic range of 105 db.

Audio Processing And Codec Support

  • The arcam sa30 is equipped with google cast, airplay 2, and upnp support, allowing users to stream music from various sources.
  • On the other hand, the hegel h120 provides a high-quality dac (digital-to-analog converter) as well as usb and coaxial inputs.
  • The arcam sa30 supports audio formats such as wav, flac, aiff, mp3, and aac, while the hegel h120 supports wav, flac, alac, and mp3 files.

Both amplifiers are exceptional for their audio performance and amplification capabilities. Still, the differences mentioned above may sway users towards either the arcam sa30 or the hegel h120 depending on their specific needs.

Connectivity And Compatibility

The arcam sa30 and hegel h120 are both high-quality amplifiers that come with a range of connectivity and compatibility features. These features are essential to ensure that your amplifier can work with different devices and provide you with the best sound quality possible.

Here’s a breakdown of what each amplifier offers:

Wired And Wireless Connections

The arcam sa30 and hegel h120 offer both wired and wireless connections. Wired connections include an ethernet port that allows for a stable and reliable connection to your home network. The sa30 also has two hdmi 2. 0 ports, an optical, and a coaxial input.

The h120 also offers optical, coaxial, and analog input ports.

Wireless connections include wi-fi and bluetooth. Both amplifiers offer bluetooth connectivity to stream music directly from your mobile device. The sa30 offers built-in wi-fi, while hegel h120 requires an external adapter for wireless connectivity.

Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Specifications

The arcam sa30’s wi-fi specification is up to date with mimo-technology, which ensures better range and stability. It also supports both 2. 4ghz and 5ghz frequencies and up to 24-bit/192khz streaming. The sa30 also uses bluetooth version 4. 2, which provides a reliable connection up to 15 meters.

The hegel h120, on the other hand, requires an external wi-fi dongle and supports 2. 4 ghz frequency only. The h120 also uses bluetooth version 4. 2, like the sa30, which provides a connection up to 10 meters.

Streaming Services And Protocols

The arcam sa30 offers a range of streaming services like spotify, tidal, qobuz, and internet radio through roon support. It also supports streaming protocols like upnp, airplay 2, and chromecast. Additionally, it offers google assistant, amazon alexa, and apple siri voice control.

The hegel h120, on the other hand, doesn’t offer built-in streaming services. However, you can stream music using your preferred streaming service through upnp, apple airplay, and google chromecast.

Device Compatibility And Integration

Both amplifiers are compatible with a range of devices. The arcam sa30, with its built-in chromecast and airplay 2 support, offers seamless integration with your mobile device, pc, and mac. It’s also roon-ready, which means you can use it as an endpoint for your roon core.

The hegel h120, with its upnp and airplay support, is compatible with most devices, including mac, pc, and mobile devices. It also allows for device integration through its app, which is available for both ios and android devices.

Overall, both the arcam sa30 and hegel h120 offer exceptional connectivity and compatibility features, making them ideal for music lovers who want to enjoy high-quality sound. However, the arcam sa30 is superior in terms of wi-fi and integration features, while the hegel h120 is more compact and affordable.

User Experience And Functionality

Arcam Sa30 Vs Hegel H120: User Experience And Functionality

Audio enthusiasts and music lovers are always seeking the best audio quality and user experience. The arcam sa30 and hegel h120 are both high-end amplifiers with excellent sound quality, and also offer a range of user-friendly features. Let’s dive into the user experience and functionality of both devices.

Setup And Installation

The arcam sa30 and hegel h120 are similar in terms of setup and installation. Both amplifiers come with straightforward and easy-to-follow setup instructions.

  • Arcam sa30:
  • The setup process is well explained in the user manual.
  • You will just need to connect the speakers and power supply, and you’re ready to go.
  • Hegel h120:
  • You will need to connect the power cord, speakers, and source inputs to the amplifier.
  • The user manual covers the installation process in detail.

Remote Control And App Support

Both amplifiers have their own unique remote controls and app support systems to manage playback and settings.

  • Arcam sa30:
  • The arcam app offers easy control of the amplifier, including volume control, source selection, and bass/treble adjustments.
  • It is available on both ios and android, making it user-friendly for all smartphone users.
  • Hegel h120:
  • The hegel app offers an intuitive interface to control the amplifier via both smartphones and computers.
  • It also supports a range of streaming services such as tidal, qobuz, and spotify.

User Interface And Customization Options

The user interface of both arcam sa30 and hegel h120 is user-friendly, with clear graphics and easy-to-understand menus.

  • Arcam sa30:
  • The user interface is simple and intuitive, allowing you to easily switch between inputs and make adjustments to settings.
  • The amplifier also offers several preset sound modes to suit different music genres.
  • Hegel h120:
  • The hegel h120 has a more customizable user interface, with the option to change input names and customize the look of the interface.
  • Additionally, it allows you to assign fixed volume levels to different sources, removing the need for manual adjustments when switching between sources.

Additional Features And Optimizations

Both amplifiers come with a range of additional features and optimizations to improve the overall user experience.

  • Arcam sa30:
  • The arcam sa30 has a built-in google chromecast, allowing you to stream music directly from your mobile device to the amplifier.
  • It also supports mqa decoding, offering high-quality audio playback from supported sources.
  • Hegel h120:
  • The hegel h120 offers a range of enhanced features such as soundengine technology and patented feedforward technology.
  • These work to eliminate harmonic distortion and offer an even better audio experience.

Both the arcam sa30 and hegel h120 offer fantastic user experience and functionality. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and desired features, but you can’t go wrong with either of these high-end amplifiers.

Frequently Asked Questions On Arcam Sa30 Vs Hegel H120

What Are The Main Differences Between Arcam Sa30 And Hegel H120?

Arcam sa30 has a more powerful amplifier with 120 watts per channel compared to hegel h120’s 75 watts. Also, arcam sa30 has built-in wi-fi, supports google chromecast, and has an additional digital input. On the other hand, hegel h120 has a usb input, which is not available on arcam sa30.

Which Amplifier Provides Better Sound Quality?

Both arcam sa30 and hegel h120 provide excellent sound quality. However, the subjective nature of sound quality means that one amplifier may sound better than the other to different people. It’s best to listen to both amps and decide which sounds better to you personally.

Does Arcam Sa30 Support Mqa?

Yes, arcam sa30 supports mqa, which is a technology that enables high-resolution audio streaming. With mqa, you can stream music with better sound quality than standard cd quality, making it ideal for audiophiles who want the best audio streaming experience.

Which Amplifier Is More Expensive?

Arcam sa30 is more expensive than hegel h120. The price difference is partly due to arcam sa30’s more advanced features, including built-in wi-fi, support for google chromecast, and the ability to play high-resolution audio streams.

What Are Some Other Features Of Hegel H120?

In addition to its usb input, hegel h120 has a built-in headphone amplifier, which is useful for those who want to listen to music through headphones. It also has a simple and intuitive volume control system that hegel refers to as the soundengine 2.


As we come to the end of this comparison between the arcam sa30 and the hegel h120, it is clear that both amplifiers offer exceptional performance in terms of sound quality, build and features. The arcam sa30 is a visually-appealing unit with an easy-to-use touch screen interface, while the hegel h120 boasts an impressive level of resolution and tonality.

However, when it comes to price, the hegel h120 does offer better value for money. Ultimately, the choice between the two amplifiers will come down to personal preference and specific needs. Both are top-class products that will deliver high-quality sound and a satisfying listening experience to any music-lover.

So, whether you prefer the arcam’s visual appeal or the hegel’s value proposition, you can’t go wrong with either of these excellent amplifiers.

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